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  1. Jody L Johnson

    Awesome, thanks for the info! Will try to keep this in mind 😉

  2. Your God Our Lord God is One

    👍 Makes ♻️ SENS ♻️

  3. Ev Meezy

    Great advice here thank you. I have been checking out those chairs that you posted a video of with no back on it where your legs wrap under it on your knees. Wondering if that would help strengthen my posture muscles sitting in that chair upright? Thank you

  4. Miah 17

    Awesome info… Love chiropractors 👌, wish I've seen them 10yrs ago. But I'm going now 😎

  5. user 59802

    I'm stuck on step 2…. almost a year after an accident

  6. Peter Gonzalez

    Wow! I've been doing MMA for 15 years and basketball for 24 years. I'd always be taking ice baths. Wish I'd known this sooner for my back spasms. That's what's up!

  7. carsten nielsen


  8. Christopher Frost

    Thanks, your the best!

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