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  1. LukeNarwhal

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  2. Grace Clover

    I eat healthy food and exercise often. It’s come to the point where I don’t crave anything at all which is good because I stopped eating junk food. If I do have junk food I use p o r t i o n c o n t r o l.

  3. Teresa M

    After a full week of counting calories I find my body stopping me from overeating. My mom serves a lot of food and my brother bought Taco Bell and ice cream for everyone twice this week. Before, I would just keep snacking on what there was throughout the evening after work. When I was eating the small cup of ice cream my brother bought me, half way through I felt I couldn’t eat anymore, I didn’t feel full, I just didn’t want it anymore, it didn’t feel good to continue eating it. But I also don’t feel unsatisfied this week because I know I had some treats without going over my calorie limit.

    I work outside rn at a construction site (Engineering intern) and I have to walk in the heat with a hard hat for a total of about 80 minutes every day. When I go back to the office to drop off the truck and go home, I usually take a small whoppers packet of 3 (it’s the only candy there that doesn’t hurt my teeth) and eat it while the AC starts kicking in my car. That’ll be my snack until I eat dinner at around 6:30

  4. Christy Guichard

    I think I’ve worked out or at least accepted why I eat too much at times

    I had an ED as a teen and before it got too bad my sister helped me and made me eat more food, usually something high calorie to help me regain weight
    If I didn’t eat x amount in a day my sister would get mad and force me to eat more until I started eating by myself

    Like some people I can happily go most of the day not eating if I’m hydrated enough etc I just plain forget sometimes but when I remember I haven’t eaten, instead of eating a normal meal or eat until my base calories of 1200 I just go ham because I still think that I’m being good because I’ve eaten a lot of calories instead of none
    I just need to work on the happy middle ground
    But I find it hard to eat a lot so I have to force myself and when I do it clicks something in my head to eat until my stomach can’t handle any more food

  5. Anika Todd

    this video could literally not have come at a better time 🙏

  6. Auden Here

    This actually helped me. The past two years have been brutal on my physics and mental health. It seems like I’m starting to get back into a better mindset. Thanks!

  7. Occasionally Grumpy

    2:25 that's my diet duh… And it works just fine. I can't cook a meal that has less than 800 kcal per plate sorry…

  8. Our Excellent Life

    I eat from boredom. I'm usually home with my small children all day.

  9. Ambrose UFO

    I stopped binge eating by always bringing a healthy snack with me. The trick is to find the reason you binge eat. I had always tried starvation diets and always ended up binge eating. I realized starving myself wasn't going to work and started bringing 2 long carrots with me to school so I could never be hungry. Lost 45 pounds. (Because I started forcing myself to exercise too) also I realized I hate unseasoned unboiled carrots, so now I bring fruit

  10. kosMicMai13

    Someone once told me a very interesting phrase.

    "What you eat in secret, you wear in public"

    It helped me really discipline myself from binge eating. It doesn't matter if I try to eat all those chocolate snacks in secret, my body will reflect my diet regardless.

  11. Prindy 14

    Started internment fasting and working out at least 3 to 4 days a week lost 13lbs in 2 months started may 2019 217lb to 203lb

  12. lvz

    basically if you spend money on protein bars, no doubt you wont have progress lol these shits are fuuuuull of kcal

  13. Melissa G

    Seeing all these Reddit posts let's me know I'm not alone, so many people are experiencing the same things as me, and people are succeeding, and it has totally kicked my butt into gear 😄

  14. Janina Dimayuga

    Thank you for the post! I am so glad to become part of the Narwhal squad and coming across such an amazing weight loss channel/ group. Cheers~!

  15. Flower Petal

    Today I wanted to eat, told myself I will just after this glass of water, went to get some water from my home fountain and realized I had to change the big bottle that feeds it, decided that was too much work and headed to grab a small water bottle, on my way I saw my headphones, put them on and chose a song, 40 minutes later I'm still dancing, forgot about food, forgot I wanted water, know I forgot something but can't remember what it is, then go to bed… I'm now in bed watching this video and won't get up before the morning… 🤷🤷🤷

  16. Aleana Fernando

    Started dealing with binges around the 2nd half of 2018 despite losing 20kg healthily.
    Only recently did I change my diet to 2 big meals + a snack rather than 3 smaller meals + snack. Now I have more filling and satisfying meals which leaves me with more energy.
    I know this won't work for everyone but ever since I started it nearly 2 weeks ago I haven't had a binge and have more self-control and less guilt when eating out or having bigger meals. It's the longest I've been without binging and not hating myself either.

  17. EmEmerald

    There is only likes. No dislikes. I'm proud to be a narwal and I love all the support I'm getting. 3lbs down so far. I've got quite a ways to go. I'm sooooooo thankful for this community. Keep of the work my fellow narwals. STAY STRONG I BELIEVE IN YOU!❤️

  18. Jaebum's Smile

    I usually go out for walks/jogs but with the heat last couple of days, I’ve been taking a “break”. This video got to me & I decided to jump rope on the days I don’t go for my walks. I’ve never gone on a “diet”. If I eat something like chips or dessert, I go to the kitchen, grab one recommended serving, & go to a different room. By the time I’m relaxed somewhere else, I don’t wanna get up for anymore. If I’m still craving something, I drink some water or tea with a bit of honey & lemon.

  19. Lady Sick

    I agree with the person that said working out and being in a calorie deficit sucks, but I do it because it's the responsible thing to do. Working out sucks and I'd much rather have fast food for each meal, but I'm trying to fight that because I'd much rather be healthy and in a body I don't hate.

  20. Witty Vixen

    8:40 I think he needs to wake up earlier and go to the gym. He needs to at least do 30 mins to a hour. Or he can do 30 mins daily and bring careful not to over eat. He needs to prioritize working out and eating right if he wants to be successful.

  21. Corbin Brier

    I'm loving the tips and tricks. The one thing that is hurting my weight loss the most is the little to no motivation. Slowly trying to get motivate, so thank you for the videos that will help me when I get there.

  22. Slightly Horrific

    Dude,I appreciate your weight loss reddit vids so much!!
    It genuinely helps and motivates me!

  23. Gabrielle McNeil

    Thank you Narwhal! I am almost 20 pounds down in my weight loss journey. I hope to reach my goal weight by the new year. I want to finally stop making "resolutions" and start a new year (and decade) being the best and happiest me. Your videos encourage me every day. Much love 😊

  24. Jamesa Brown

    Perfect timing. I was actually about to eat.

  25. Sven Morgenstern

    What I've tended to find is that not eating foods rich in sugars/starches and concentrating on eating foods rich in fats/proteins will curb my tendency to overeat automatically. Soon as I have time to sign up on Reddit I'll post my before/after pic.

  26. Vodka

    8:00 this dude had the exact same story as me, accept that I was 230lbs. I was 165 lbs but I gained all of it back. Now I'm right under 200, I've already spent about 3 months losing some of my weight (I didn't weight myself because I was too embarrased)
    Hope I'll get back to 165 (or less) until the end of the year.

  27. 「sēd」

    The woman in the beginning look fire! Get those healthy curves, gurl!

  28. elizabwth apple

    i needed this, thanks 🙂

  29. Sadiya Shahriar

    If you don't feel like going to the gym or just feel lazy, watch an episode of haikyuu or any other sports anime. It always gets me fired up to play sports. Well that's what works for me I guess, and listening to music also helps!

  30. diemond

    I dont binge on bad food bc i never buy it but idk how to control my portion sizes, i eat so much healthy foods that i cant lose weight, im never satisfied even if i was full

  31. TheOrange

    I'm gonna have to ummm


  32. Michelle Pamela

    I was in binge-restrict cycle for a while. I have been keeping it somewhat under control for quite some times, and maintained at 130s pounds which is healthy for my height. However, I had to take medication for unrelated issue and side effect is weight gain and it makes me absolutely ravenous. Im sure I have gained AT LEAST 15 pounds. Please pray for me yall

  33. Brittany Jackson

    Where my original 10,000 narwhals at

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