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  1. 77Tadams

    Another thing….sorry this has me thinking. You talk at the end about young girls that are obese and can't get a coin off the floor so easily. YES! I see this all the time in different cases with people. I am 42 now and I look around me and beat myself up for not being really career oriented and I am a female married for 12 years with no children so not a mom. But I do have motivations maybe others don't have like travel, making my home a good place for me and my husband, taking care of myself emotionally, "spiritually", caring about the people in my community, taking control of my health goals. I don't have a really highly interesting job, but I notice the people that are in the higher stress jobs tend to not take care of the things that I see as important. They use their career as their main motivator, or getting that money for their kids at home….but honestly they are using those things as excuses to not take care of themselves or hide behind them. Maybe they have things that I don't…but maybe I have things that they don't. I guess my point is: everyone has struggle or things they don't want others to know that they hide from the rest of us…maybe they lash out at you for not having the same goals or motivations that they do because they fear that they don't have what you have. I don't take things so personally when they lash out at me with some comment that I don't pull my weight with not fulfilling what they think is most important in life…sometimes that happens. QTIP= Quit Taking It Personal. Many times people project their unhappiness on someone who is different.

  2. 77Tadams

    I am trying to get to my goal weight. After I hit that I think it will be easier to switch things up a bit more. I lost 12 lbs in a month and looking to lose 10-12 this month. I have to remember that it does come off when it wants to. One thing that I struggle with is the fast food….I have been guilty of dirty Keto for my one meal….like the double quarter pounder with cheese and bacon….for my one meal in the afternoon/evening. Last night I indulged and threw it up about 2am because it didn't set right. But…I have to think of all the other stuff I gave up. Alcohol, Soda, all three meals and snacks….damn. I am doing great. I just need to eat things that make me feel good…..but that will come with time too….

  3. JustGrayEntertainment

    maybe one of you guys can answer me this but my nosalt brand is bitter as fuck is that normal?
    and do I actually need the baking soda because it tastes like shit like it makes my water taste old and plain is that normal as well?
    I am like one week into the snake diet now 3 days of that was dry fast but I legit avoid drinking water because it tastes so bad.

  4. Allostasis

    How to be successful? Stick with 48h fasts continuously. Track calories. Eat twice the RDA for protein on your eating day. Stay consistent. Easy.

  5. Brian Parkman

    Hey Shameem. Cole posted a new video today. Well now yesterday. Could you watch it and repost your version for us to spare us from the ear assault? lol.

    It would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  6. Kerry Van Deusen

    Love ya' ❤

  7. Mo Mo

    If you say process one more time. . … You say it so weird. Stop saying it

  8. LAcitystops

    What is your highest weight before you started the snake diet?

  9. emilythequeen1

    I like that you aren’t a big cusser. I feel grateful that I can watch you in front of my kids, or with my mom😂

  10. Michelle Nicole

    One of your best videos yet, Shameen. Thank you so much for sharing this message. I have saved and will watch it again in the future for motivation, encouragement and empowerment. I, too, follow a fasting- focused lifestyle thanks to Cole (Robinson) @SnakeDiet. I have found that once you reach your goal it really becomes this something that you have to figure out for maintenance and plan according to your life. At times I sometimes felt off course and did the very things you spoke to-beating up on myself for even the slightest weight gain, etc. I now implement a similar schedule as you and focus more on nutrient dense Whole Foods instead of any particular way of eating/diet. This journey (fasting) has been a healing one in that I allow myself to eat freely, more intuitively and in a nurturing way to take good care of this body I have been given. Again, thank you posting this video. I hope others will find benefit as I have. Best!


    Do you have any advice for me? I'm a paraplegic. I can move half my body . The longest fast I've ever done is 48 hours. I'm starting mine today. I'm doing it for health reasons. If you read this, can you please give me a shout out for motivation. I think highly of you and I think it'll be rad. Anyway peace out sweetie. Wish me luck and if any one else out there has any advice for me please pass it on to me. I will be checking back here. Thanks.👋🐈🏰🌟🐹💎💖

  12. GentsClubG TV

    I’ve always found you easier to hear than Cole

  13. king tuti

    are you still training ?

  14. Ayinde Mitchell

    Love the info & motivation Shameen! Just shared it with a few groups and fasters. On a #SnakeJuice & #DryFast combo fast currently. I love this mix. @iFastBro on Instagram #iFastBro

  15. Gladys Matiedje

    Your skin says everything 😘😘😘👌👌👌

  16. S S

    I love this video and I believe I will be referring to it a lot as I start my weight loss/health journey. I think adding in spirituality, and writing about your progress and ups and downs in a journal can also be beneficial.

  17. Erica Smith

    Thank you so much for this Shameen! I needed to hear every bit of this! You’re awesome 🙌🏾🙌🏾🤗

  18. NC Ridd

    How am I 160 lbs and have abs but still have a fucking gut

  19. Ada O

    Hi Shameen… awesome channel.
    I wanted to ask how best to break a 7 day hard dry fast. Should I drink water before or after brushing? Which is optimal?
    Also should I have my bath with hot or cold water? Thanks…
    Tomorrow is the last day btw. I am so happy and proud of me, it's not even real. I just wanna go about hugging and kissing everyone.
    Love you all.

  20. Anna Teegardin

    I love this video and needed it. I'm starting my third month. Last month wasn't good. You just really reset me . Thank you. I have lost 35 lb s so far

  21. Rainbowfinch 358

    I love your spirit and can’t get enough of all of your videos. Great content. I needed this one.. since I’m struggling with my fasting focused lifestyle! Thx!! ❤️🙏🏽

  22. Kim Eriksen-Bermudez

    Thank you Shameen! I love your content and am also a fan of Cole's. I would love to see videos on you workout routine – especially your weight training routine.

  23. Hwwa Adam

    Great video…love it…Thank you❤

  24. Michael 732

    Love your perspective on the Snake diet life style.

  25. SunAngelD

    Thanks Shameen! Great motivation.

  26. sahira bibi

    Hi shameen, my dad is average weight and has been told by doctors he has high cholesterol, I told him to dry fast it away, what's the best way for him to dry fast for health benefits without him losing weight, thanks

  27. sahira bibi

    Needed this.

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