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  1. Tules G

    LOVE IT!! You have and awesome way of explaining this.. Thank you!! I will definitely try this .. I been burning in the back of my throat for a more than a month.. I can not deal with it more.. I will try this no bread and sugar see what happens… 😀

  2. Mary Gaelen

    Good and Plenty candy helps because of the black licorice

  3. Ryan Privee

    A lot of reason for heartburn is digestive problems caused by antibiotics that kill the good bacteria/flora in our gut, so taking probiotics/digestive enzymes and yogurt cultures can help a lot (also prebiotics such as kimchi, sauerkraut and pickled veggies or other fermented foods), not just with digestion/acid reflux but also it helps with immunity in general since a lot of our immunity is in our gut. Not eating bread is probably fine for those who have celiac disease/gluten intolerance but many people who claim to have it do not have celiac disease and it's just become a fad. I personally get heartburn from eating too much/too close to bed, eating meat/bread/cheese/veggies in combination (cheeseburgers for e.g.) or acidic/spicy food. I'm also overweight so I know that contributes but generally it's gotten much better since taking supplements for digestion. I also like taking calcium enriched antacid chewables and will take heartburn medication when it's bad but that does inhibit digestion of fatty foods and meat as she mentioned. But at any rate, if you know you've taken antibiotics or homeopathic colloidal silver then you need to replenish that lost flora in your gut or you'll have digestion problems all the time. Antibiotics also made me lactose intolerant but since I've been taking digestive enzymes I can eat dairy again just in moderation and the supplement needs to contain some lactase enzyme.

  4. Heather Carroll

    Sugar immediately sends me into reflux coughing fits

  5. Heaven Lee

    I have BAD GERD and yea, on my own I discovered that Butter and Bread <hence fat and bread> were my biggest contributors to GERD. So things like banana bread, cookies, pizza, cake, buttered toast, mayo on bread, peanut butter on crackers. ALL things like that especially chocolate brownies send me into INFERNO HELL.

  6. Navein Kuntal

    How to eat vegetables and which vegetables…with boiling or not….and which fruits…pls tell me diet plan

  7. Rishabh Rohilla

    I am also suffering from acid reflux and I also hav hyperthyroid. Due to acid reflux I got burning sensation on my throat and dry cough all the time….I have been taking medicine PPI for 2 years but It doesnt work so please tell me the remedies?

  8. Marlene S

    What about wheat bread?

  9. I'm Ghostly

    I have chest pain instead of heartburn and it's so annoying gonna try this out thank you got sharing.

  10. Ismi Syafiq95

    Hi if you dont take any sugar and bread dont you feel tired?

  11. Joe Stolzenberger

    Tell me how to cure acid refluxs I don't want a long story.

  12. mebrye teklehaymanot

    wawww i cant belive that its work with out bread and suger

  13. riseup makeachange

    Has anybody else experienced excessive burping , almost constant?

  14. Sandy Hamilton

    Thank you!

  15. Osama Massarweh

    Sorry, what about ricr ?


    You're so cute!!!

  17. Life with the doherty traveller family

    can children get heart burn cause I'm 12 and I got it

  18. 릿치

    did she cure the GERD?? cuz i also have gerd…

  19. jc2367

    I have had this for a few weeks, i do notice that when my diet is clean the symptoms subside. Still sucks and i hope there is a way to totally heal GERD.

  20. Inspired Tv by Jamie

    Thanks so much. I have heartburn daily and I'm going to try this ❤️

  21. Tristen Underhill

    I also have Gerd rlly bad ! I feel it everyday & it's like it won't go away I've tried the medicines but this is a great idea any other suggestions or how long it takes to get better . thanks !

  22. Laura Taylor

    How are you feeling now? I am suffering very badly every day 🙁 I am really desperate, could you message me back? Maybe we can work together

  23. Juan Salinas

    so young and so helpful…. i think BREAD is the enemy… Thank you…

  24. Vinodh Kumar Rajasekaran

    i have esophagus damaged should i stay on medicine

  25. MAGNO Pecache

    can I eat oatmeal? What food can I eat?

  26. Dah Purge

    I actually have gerd and I am having a hard time with my heart burn and I am looking for natural ways to deal with it so besides bread and sugars anything else that I should ,from your experience stay away from

  27. nykl mail1

    Nice suggestion, i will try to follow it 🙂 i'm a 20 year old boy from Germany and i have GERD and also hiatal hernia….then i got pharyngitis (inflamed throat) and i'm really depressed about it….it changed my life and my way of thinking completly…it's so hard to see people our age enjoying life, drinking coffe,alcohol,eating chokolate without "fears" of getting sicker…..i really hope you get better and i hope i will find a cure for myself too..

  28. Mickie SF Town

    Don't eat Meat or Dairy! Cleared! I had severe Acid Reflux changed my diet completely! Gone after 6 months regenerated my entire body/health!

  29. 1GlobalCitizen1

    Thanks for sharing. I like bread, but I will remember your message.

  30. Karamoonsage

    I have low stomach acid which is the cause of my GERD and reflux. I have found that fermented foods are fantastic for increasing gut flora which in turn helps improves the immune system which then helps to heal the GI tract. Among the fermented foods such as sauerkraut (just cabbage & salt found in the refrigerated section at the health food store or homemade), white kimchi (no chili pepper), pickled ginger, homemade dill pickles, and so on…is also sprouted and/or old fashioned sourdough bread. Both the sprouting and the sourdough process break down the proteins in the grain which make the bread digestible. Not all sourdough bread is made the same. Some are just labeled sourdough but instead commercial yeast and additives are used to create that tangy taste. Instead, what you want to look for is an ingredient list that does not contain commercial yeast or includes the ingredients used in a sourdough starter. This shows that you have a fermented bread product. If you are not sure, talk to the baker in the bakery section of your market or go to a bakery that makes bread from scratch. You can also make sourdough starter at home to make your own bread. The long fermented breads are the best. The crumb is soft and the crust is chewy. There are channels here on YouTube with tutorials if that's of interest. So, if you have GERD, reflux, or any low stomach acid issues, sourdough and/or sprouted bread may not be out of the question for you. I hope that helps. 🙂

  31. Gruff-man

    hi @theinvisiblecactus, that wasnt a bad video at all, my gerd does seem to be far more severe than yours im constantly in agony its literally ruining my life I suffer back pain with it also, and sometimes I cant breath normally, bread is definitely the worst thing to try and eat, although most foods cause me pain. some websites actually RECOMEND bread!

  32. Ahmed Ali

    tell me about depression becouse all patient of gerd eat antidepressant and doc suggest to eat antidepressant

  33. Ahmed Ali

    tell me about depression becouse all patient of gerd eat antidepressant and doc suggest to eat antidepressant

  34. Jawdath Jawfer

    I dont eat bread but eat rice.. Can that be the reason for my constant acid reflux? Will stopping rice help get off acid reflux?

  35. Shoeb Mohd

    how long can this disease stay ??? how long did it took you to recover?

  36. Chrysis Antoniades

    To all GERD sufferers:
    Plain yoghurt (strained or not), natural mastic gum, Ice cubes, okra*, goat milk, feta cheese, natural carob syrup and baking soda (right dose) alleviate the symptoms of GERD.

  37. angel alvarado

    what about a baked potato, is still as bad as rice and bread?

  38. vijayakumar anand

    Thank you for sharing your experience… Very useful.

  39. El_Evangelista

    did you cure Gerd ? or do symptoms still come back from time to time?

  40. ashleynikole

    I think I have acid reflux bit I'm constantly burping and my throat hurts and burns early I get heart burn but Iv tried so many things pills and remedies none work.

  41. Zaman

    I have the same problem and have been treating myself by avoiding sugar and bread and very fatty meal. I also taking probiotics and digestive enzyme and so far so good. I am happy with the result. My GERD been very sever and very bad but it is really helping my symptoms.

  42. Ahmed Al Harthi

    i have been diagnosed with gerd almost 3 weeks ago however i only suffer from lump feeling in my throat with no heart burns!! is it how gerd starts with lump feeling then burns please please answer me😢

  43. Marianne Manliclic

    YOu know I like the sound of your voice… is that one effect of your healing? Beause I have GERD and I some difficulty talking because of it… and I can't talk comfortably for a long period. What's worse is I sing in church, and now I find my throat gets strained quicker.

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