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  1. Ossama Radwan

    Can you please make a video for someone with herniated disc and Mackenzie stretches make him worse

  2. arescue

    My mom uses her tens machine to treat her knee pain. She had a fall and nsaids give her tinnitus.

  3. Kirsty Macfarlane

    Great video but what do you do when….. You practice yoga, use tens, get regular massages, do physio exercises, seen a pain clinic specialist, get fairly regular chiropractor treatments, use a massager on my chair and a handheld percussion one and take opioids, I've even got an acupressure mat and pillow! but still have chronic pain, what would your advice be? This is pretty much where I'm at, any advice is welcome xx

  4. El Zilcho

    Can i get it for my ears? Cause they are bleeding after this video

  5. Jack Townsend

    Thanks guys.

  6. anissa dailey

    I have chronic back pain with a herniated disc. My doctor gave me a script for one. I took it to a local dme location. My insurance paid 100%. Then monthly/bimonthly I get replacement pads at no extra charge.
    Thank you for the video. I never knew I should move with it on.

  7. basheer kazi

    Sir I have facet joint problem with l5s1 l4l5 herniated disc problem so which exercise is better for me please make a video about that

  8. Mary Mitteneder

    I've been waiting for you to make a video for people who use TENS Unit. I have an Simulator (Boston) implanted in my lower back. Best decision I've ever made. It's been one year and now my meds have been reduced and I'm planning on starting a membership with a gym. Until then, I will start with your video. Thanks very much!

  9. Lelen Gigi

    I bought a tens machine a few years ago and then bought a small portable one at the drug store and use it all the time.

  10. lyndagayemiller

    Please let me win!!!! Lol

  11. Anelisa Avelino

    Really? What are you giving away?

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