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  1. Vladimir Narcisse

    Great video jay. I’m glad you revisit this. It took decades to get out of shape. No magic pills or tricks. It’s going to take time to get right! Patience, being observant is how I’ll be enjoying my weight loss journey. I know I’ll get there. You shown your receipts. Someday I’ll show mine! Thanks for being so humble and encouraging while keeping it real man!

  2. Niko Knight

    Definitely needed to hear this, new camera is 🔥 man

  3. RaisingBran

    Watching this while doing 7am stairmaster

  4. RaisingBran


  5. JKnowledge

    This is very important because it's so easy to second guess yourself on the journey and don't be in a rush because the journey is the fun part.

  6. Lerev Lucideo

    4:13 fax

  7. I Am Phlick

    Good video jay! People sometimes forget that nothing happens overnight! Definitely trust the process

  8. Reggie Richmond

    I’m first

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