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  1. Nor faezah Mahtar

    Health nerd is fergalicious 😌


    Green tea is good and dangerous at the same time! I'm telling you the truth! You can't imagine what I'm going through even though I have been using only one cup of it every day

  3. Lavern Lyons

    This is awesome because it’s difficult for obese people to burn fat.

  4. tristen troutman

    What if u add honey with your green tea?

  5. Emelie

    yogi tea has matcha lemon green tea in a packet!

  6. Emelie

    microwave or,,,, stove?? have you never heard of a kettle? loved the video btw haha.

  7. Emelie

    i drink like 6 cups of these bad boys every day and i’m almost underweight hahah

  8. YOoo Zinhlawng

    Thank you so much so helpful❤️🙏🙏

  9. Rachel Thibault


  10. rheys Adventures

    I really love this channel but its been a long time they are not uploading new videos, 😢😢😢

  11. mirella georgieva


    please make a video about the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, or the calories in fruits compared to calories in unhealthy food…or something like that

  12. Belinda

    Thanks for info🤓

  13. Dhenize Modino

    The Health nerd is fergalicious!

  14. Aryan Saroj

    I'm short and fat how do i loose my belly side and chest fat because people really are good in judging now days i didn't care much before because i enjoy eating a lot but it seems my friends insult me too much for my fat

  15. anastasija perovic

    Why did you stop pousting videos

  16. LamiaAqua

    Vegetarian and vegan diet benefits, please fergalicious

  17. Maria Veronica


  18. Briggitte Rod

    Sub!! Awsome video thanks

  19. Manasa k

    nice usefull

  20. Catrina Mustard

    Question if your drinking green tea is ok to add milk and sugar to it will it still be effective

  21. AnoymousPurrson

    Does green tea latte help as well?

  22. -Its Kirbo-

    Eats Green tea KitKat

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