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  1. Jame Andy

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  2. Kristine Rodriguez

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  3. sguptamallick

    The subtitles are covering the crucial areas where the block is used. Pls consider this. Was trying to follow it but cannot anymore due to the obstruction caused by subtitles.

  4. CasualHomeStyle on eBay

    I really like your videos but your voice drives me crazy

  5. Jesse

    I very much appreciate how much you care sharing knowledge. Learning from you i placed the block on its side perpendicular to the spine in upper thoracic area then into my shoulders an neck. An as you suggested back to the low back. Thank you for careing.

  6. mechaart

    Now try lego bricks.

  7. Нелли Крылова

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  8. Ryl Win

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  9. Laura Jane Thomason

    This stuff works miracles ha. I have never felt so good by just using a brick. 8D

  10. plamena dimitrova

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  11. Amanda Whittington

    This really helped me! Never thought to use a block to help relive my pain

  12. Mister Llama

    Texas represent ✌

  13. Anthony

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  14. KHLOO200

    what is block material ?

  15. Idrees Muhammad

    so nice job

  16. anthony jones

    This has got to be the best yoga channel in the whole world, loads of great simple down to earth exercises with great strength education.

  17. Abufaza3_Gam3r

    we missed you corina, nice cameltoe

  18. Bad Driver

    Yikes! Looks painful!

  19. Gordana Ilijoski

    Where to find that bricket to buy? ☺ Thank you! Video is wonderful! 💖

  20. joel morales

    Thank you. It helped me feel better and I sleep well relieving from insomnia.

  21. Tom Comstock

    I like you Chandler 🙂

  22. Lyrick - Music Channel

    Will this work with LEGOs

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  24. Peris K

    great but when I do exercise i got masless pain

  25. Peris K


  26. Sarah soda

    goodness bless, the school year has been so hard already and the amount of stress that has built on my back, too much. thx for the tutorial

  27. Madison Lopez


  28. Madison Lopez


  29. YumeASMR

    Great video to relax!

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