How Tyler1 solves anxiety problems in 2 minutes

2019-05-06 Anxiety Comment 23

The greatest entity that has ever traveled the earth tells us how to solve anxiety problems. [This does work] I like and subscribe to more wet memes every day! Click here!Anxiety Freedom Today Offers Help And Support To Those Suffering From Social Anxiety, Ptsd, And Generalised Anxiety.


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  1. The Meme Sheep

    Memes aside for once , i think this is actually golden advice and many of you guys should hear this.

    Subscribe if this video cured your soul

  2. Shots Finch

    0:00 me when somebody interrupts me

  3. AtomicScoper123

    why did you water mark a clip that isnt yours lmao

  4. SGC

    Taking one more vitamin then recommend be like:

  5. Wassim Ayadi


  6. Wassim Ayadi

    My dad: beats me with the belt
    Me: 1:39

  7. Wassim Ayadi

    Thanos trying to get Antman out of his ass

  8. Asger Hvass


  9. khong cedric

    How it feels to drink blood rush

    Tyler1: extreme anxiety

  10. Xrhstos Kotakis

    Seems legit

  11. Seif Samir

    you should have at least linked T1's youtube channel in the description.

  12. killkin

    bruh I watched this live and im so happy you clipped and posted this hahahahah

  13. Crash010604

    I feel…

    I feel reborn

  14. Wampa's arm

    my first tyler1 stream that i saw from the start.

  15. Crilisis 01

    0:06 when you get stung by a bee

  16. Suldaan Iizstrun

    You need to see a doctor…

  17. Afko

    When goku goes super saiyan 3 lol…


  18. Frozen Pheonix

    his neighbours must be furious. atleast 5 noise complaints a day.

  19. YaBoiDemise

    Honestly pretty wholesome

  20. Gamer -Z

    “When it is your first time trying to do the face dance challenge”

  21. Gaming31 Varus

    t1 is my spirit animal

  22. Dave Paul


  23. D4sendi

    definetly gonna use this

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