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  1. Jenny Rahma

    Please review on Estée Lauder – 'Double Wear' stay in place SPF10 liquid foundation

  2. Manpreet Kaur

    I always look forward to your videos! Love from Malaysia 🇲🇾 💕

  3. LTR Dance

    Beautiful ❤️

  4. lehnxx

    The eyemakeup looks cheap, like it was done with just two colors. Like Kid makeup..

  5. Shimona Rastogi

    Love this Anchal! Your content and quality is so fireeee. I just reviewed this on my channel too and legit share the same thoughts as you. Can't wait for your next video to appear in my subs x

  6. Iyeida Bernal

    Love your videos!!! Just started my channel any support my way is highly appreciated!!!

  7. Samantha Estrada

    You’re making me want it even more 😩😩😍😍💕

  8. nilofer ghori

    Anchal, this eye look is absolutely gorgeous ❣️ I love it!

  9. Shraddha's Biggest Fan

    her voice is changed…😶😶

  10. sexymiss1111

    Argh the shadow in ur crease is patchy. Luv u regardless girl! Palette is pretty but I'd rather spend my coin on better quality palettes. Xo

  11. Katie May

    This makeup look is just stunning 😍

  12. Aysha Iqbal

    Yes indeed going buy this eyeshadow palette. Cant wait to use it 🥰. Love your vids Anchal 😘🥰💞

  13. niharika narain

    Looks amazing!!!

  14. Jessica Fernandes

    love this look 💞💞

  15. S John

    The colors in this pallet looks beautiful but it’s just to expensive for me 😩

  16. Candice S.

    😍 LOVE IT

  17. lehnxx

    Dont like the pink and blue, you could have done something so much better

  18. Be Good To Yourself

    Hi there 😊will you review Tati Beauty eyeshadow pallet 🎨???? I’ve got my eye on it !! 😅😅

  19. Shilpi Srivastava

    I don't have even a good quality foundation 😭

  20. Shilpi Srivastava

    How you get this money to buy these products

  21. Raheem Hussain

    TBH love the pallet but hatted she using plastic now for her pallets especially what’s going on rn in the media and global warming.

    IDK why she doing this now since she created her brand in 2013 wish she kept the hard cardboard instead

  22. Shalini Bhugoea

    Love the nails.💅 Love the makeup. 💄

  23. Emily Leetz


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