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  1. Noursbear

    On Youtube channels there should be a "donate" buttons so you can give a little something for like  Kitkats, or a glass of bubbly 😍

  2. Melissa Struxness

    Prettu but really light

  3. The Scarlet Flower

    do you take requests for which pallettes you are going to use in your 25 days of tutorials?

  4. Kris Greder

    I love a soft GLAM moment!💞💞 Very BEAUTIFUL!💞💞

  5. Lou Ali

    soft and beautiful <3

  6. Swara D

    Love the looks Angela! ✨Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!! ❤

  7. Christina Bellen

    I was debating buying this exact palette and now I'm convinced! Love your tutorials!!!

  8. Dina Goldstein

    So pretty!!!

  9. fletcha11

    So soft, so pretty, so feminine:)) Awesome job as usual Angela Jenxoxo!

  10. Y izzie B

    Great beautiful palette !! Awesome eye look, as usual ! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Yarapinela Zambrano

    xfa Ayúdanos subtitulado en español 🙏

  12. Phyllis Tan

    Been waiting for this! Thanks for the upload ❤️❤️❤️

  13. lydia marie

    I love watching you do eye makeup!!! I've learned a lot by watching you, thanx! ☺

  14. Karina L

    Beautiful, can do more looks using the light pallet?

  15. firelily77

    Gorgeous! I will be purchasing that palette

  16. Emily Claire Filice

    Pretty look! ♥️

  17. Kathryn P

    I thought as you did that the light palette was a mini version of the new nudes. Too similar to be a coincidence 😐. Lovely look you created though 🙂

  18. Aana Chaudhary


  19. baby possum

    This is so pretty!

  20. Deanna Leckie

    The ColourPop creme liner in Charmer (burgandy/plum) would be super pretty with this look too!

  21. Deanna Leckie

    Note to self: you don't need the Nude Light since you own the New Nudes. Medium it is…

  22. Dominique XOXO

    So pretty! 😍

  23. Sandy Wilkerson

    I think yoi fixed it nicely. This is a pretty look.

  24. Janice L

    That’s a beautiful eye look! I agree if you have the large new nudes pallet, you don’t need the mini’s. The darker pallet may be different though.
    Love your channel! 😘💕🍷

  25. Renee Roveal

    This look came out so pretty!! 💕💕

  26. Alice Borbeli

    Is there a big difference between the medium and the light palette colours???

  27. Alice Borbeli

    Yessssss!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! 🥰

  28. Lindsay Sanchez

    You are so talented!!! I love watching you create your beautiful looks!!! I need to get these palettes!!! Keep up the awesome work! You are my favorite YouTuber!!!

  29. Michelle Perry

    Loooooved those beautiful colors, will have to try her stuff, thanks for the videos, I really enjoy them 💐👗👠👛💄

  30. Teresa Genera

    Soy tu fans 🤔👍♥️

  31. St. Driscoll

    That first color is so pretty!!! I feel like the first 2 are a look in themselves.

  32. Kayla C

    Oh wow at first I wanted the rich but I think I want the light now … or maybe all 3 hehe

  33. sheknitsthings

    I love these mini palettes! I have all the shades in two of them so I didn't pick them up, but I did get light and have been wearing it all week. It is so nice!

  34. Paola Owens

    That shimmer you used all over the lid!! It’s so pretty!!
    Oh hi medium palette!!😍🤗

  35. Paola Owens

    Hi Angela! I didn’t get this light one. I got the other two but now I’m interested! Excited to see how you created it!

  36. Lara Tiara

    So so pretty!

  37. Esmeralda Fuentes

    Thanks AB! I enjoy everything you do!

  38. mlm2167

    The colors blend beautifully❣️ Love the winged look via your tip…how neat Thank you Angela! 🙏🏽💗💁🏻‍♀️Mia

  39. KRISNA guadarrama

    Cute. Angela

  40. Scarlet V.

    Great video!

  41. Latte Brown

    Just like those shimmers, you are so damn good! Love this one. Thanks

  42. Angela Langlee

    So pretty for everyday!

  43. Kelly M


  44. Sherry Corless

    Angela- I love how consistent you are with your makeup tutorials. Keepim cumin!

  45. Sophie Acapella

    Very beautiful, I love it 👌😍.

  46. Karol katherine

    Beautiful look😍

  47. Tasty Food Fusion

    OmG this is bomb❣

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