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  1. Chasd74

    I got my Tati palette too! Would love to see some looks for mature eyes also.

  2. SaucerJess


  3. Safaura

    Go to your local Cosmetic Company Outlet. Joe Malone is on sale there for 50% off (including sets)

  4. Jen Edwards Fazio

    Trying to put blinders on for this Sephora sale and only get refills on my skincare. I did need a new face oil and the Biossance rose and vitamin c oil looks really nice so I found a great kit with a bunch of items from Biossance. Haven’t really tried them much!

  5. unlikely critic

    I completely agree with you on the Cali Contour palette. I purchased it about a month ago and I can't believe how well the colors work on my skin!!

  6. Sally Cain

    Would really love to know if the Tatcha moisturiser really is worth the money. Then I need to check if you can get it in the UK. As a woman in her late 40’s I would love to see a couple of different looks from you with the Tati palette. A day look and a more dramatic night look perhaps. Thanks.

  7. Joana Remine

    Great ideas for making gifts 🎁 I m so going to do the blush n lip

  8. Hannah Banana

    Ugghhhh the sephora jealousy is real!! We don’t have Sephora here in the UK 😭

  9. Michelle Searcy

    Great video ! 🌺

  10. Jane Doherty

    I want the PatrickTa blushes

  11. Jane Doherty

    I love the look your wearing.

  12. Taylor Walters

    New to your channel, I’ve got to say, you look amazing! I was shocked when you said you were in your mid 40’s, whatever your doing for anti-aging, I want some! Lmfao.

  13. Laura Knight

    I got the Tati pallet. I am a huge fan of hers so I had to. First attempt I had a little bit of wear off with my hooded eyes, kind of like a bald spot where my mobile lid rubs my upper part (does that make sense?) and second attempt I got glitter all over my cheeks from the pressed glitters. Luckily I do eye makeup first and it wasn’t a big deal, I just used a washcloth before I did my foundation. I may need to use a different eye primer (I use painterly paint pot), and a glitter glue with the pressed glitter. But I am ready for a third try! Wish me luck!! I really want this pallet to work for me, it’s soooo pretty!

  14. patr70

    I recently bought the NudeSticks BB Cream. I am a guy and just wanted something to even my skin tone a bit. Where is your crazy dog? 🐕 He is completely unfased by your filming he just lays thers perfectly content and could care less what is going on around him. 🐮

  15. Lidia Trest

    💝💝💝 Tati

  16. Giirly Giirl

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to do some eye looks using Tati’s palette. I keep pondering whether to preorder for the December shipment but want to make sure I can utilize the whole palette and not just the basic Browns & Beigie tones. I would love some examples/ideas how I can use the burnt oranges, the pinky colors in the Poet row and how to use the glitters on my 51 year old eyes! If you could do some looks showing how to incorporate these colors that would be absolutely FABULOUS Stephanie!
    While I’m doing this comment I have something else I’ve been meaning to ask your opinion. I’ve never really got into doing contour & bronzer. I know that probably sounds really weird. I really didn’t wear makeup for a good ten years due to battling cancer…2 bone marrow transplants and and whole lot of other stuff. I was completely bedridden for 6 years. Thank you lord Jesus Christ for giving me my third life and allowing me to see me children grow up and not leaving them without their mother. I’m now getting back into doing my makeup…Wow so much has changed!
    I want to get a good bronzer. I’m fair with blue eyes. Definitely want it to look soft and natural but help liven up my complexion. From watching YouTube a few bronzers stand out to me but now I’m overwhelmed. These are the ones Im debating 1. Thrive Causmetics-sun chaser 2. Benefit- Hoola Lite 3.Butter Bronzer-Light bronzer 4. Milani silky touch-Sun light 5. Jouer Duo-Sunlight Suntan 6. Becca- Bali Sands & Capri coast 7. Marc Jacobs- tan tastic 8. The Balm take home the bronze-Oliver 9. Too faced- Milk Chocolate Soleil
    There just seems to be so many good bronzers these days. I obviously don’t want it orangey or the opposite too muddy. Can you please give me your opinion. Thanks for the great content Stephanie. So hard to find a YouTube influencer for us middle aged woman. Your awesome!

  17. Laura Ann Ruocco

    I cannot wait to hear your review on Tatcha. I have been a Drunk Elephant girl for the past 2 years. After seeing and hearing such great things about Tatcha I finally caved and bought the Ritual for Radiant skin set. I have used only that for the past week and love it. I am completely blown away by how hydrated, soft and clear my face is. I hope you have a positive experience with the brand!

  18. Adelina Taraborelli

    GREAT products Stephanie!! Thank you. Enjoyed! The puppy isn’t behind you today 🐶❤️

  19. Dianna C

    Great recommendations for the Sephora sale! I would love to see your looks with the Tati palette and hear how it compares to some of your other favorite neutral palettes. I’ve also enjoyed the videos stating the pros and cons of the palette because it is helping me think carefully about my purchases. Thanks for all that you do!

  20. Joanne Cortese

    Would live to see a more everyday natural look with the Tati palette, have seen so many “extra” looks x

  21. Nancy Nazario

    This was the perfect length of a haul video. Quick, concise, and full of great finds. Thanks!

  22. Linda S

    Regarding the Tati palette, please just do your regular natural eye but with a touch of glitter. Yes, there's been so many videos on it but we still want to see YOURS 😀

  23. Aileen Bell

    Wow! That Jo Malone spray set looks so lovely. 🥰

  24. Nole Girl

    Do you know who else has yet to try TATCHA? 🙋‍♀️

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