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  1. LauraHayes33

    You all are amazing! Entered! 🙂

  2. Taylor Moore

    Ohhhh yay! Love this giveaway. Thank you so much. I need to win this in the worst way. My makeup collection is kinda sad lol.
    IG*tay.moore1 ❤️

  3. Kiara Kelly

    Amazing giveaway insta is kiarakellyy.xx💗

  4. W Grindstaff

    yay! its my birth month so it would be the BEST birthday gift ever my email is salt1989life@gmail.com and my insta is @purewindymoon

  5. Linn Kings

    Good luck to everyone 🌠
    Ig: @linn_care

  6. Anie Chen

    As usual a great selection of items for yor fans/ subscribers. Than you for the opportunity!
    Ig; @aniedc16

  7. Gabrielle Castor

    Hi, I'm from Amie Erica's channel. I love all of the giveaway items combined! Did all the giveaway rules and followed on Instagram for bonus entries. Hoping to win. 🙂
    Instagram: @annegabriellaaa

  8. sk singh

    you look so pretty 🙂 …. I wanna have these make up things too…these all for my mumma as her gift … I can't afford such things…hopes to win!!!!

  9. anna marie calma

    If i will win this giveaway it will be a great birthday gift for me since my birthday is on October 29 and i will be turning 18.

  10. Sarra

    Done 😊🦋
    Instagram : @Sarralove9

  11. Janine Guevarra

    I just missed watching your videos pretty 😊 Anyways, nice and very inspiring you are! Such generous 😍 Godbless you more 😇😘 Ig: Jhanzsupan already subbed/followed&watched

  12. shannai lagman

    Done with the mechanics ,new subscriber heree~ love your vids❤.hope i winnn !! insta:shanshancx

  13. Tilisha

    Thank you for doing this giveaway and giving us an opportunity😇. Lots of love 💕 would look to win those giveaway <3
    Ig: tilisha_magar

  14. Arooba Shafique

    Wow wow…. 💓💓💓💓 love it….
    arooba_shafiq ( instagram)

  15. Zarnish Naeem


  16. bella jane

    Amazing giveaway so glad I found your channel through amie_erica 💖 @bell_figg

  17. pizza maarie

    Love you so much💞💕💞💕💗💗

  18. Elena 13

    I'm coming from Alegra's channel and I am happy to be here 🤩
    Ig: eelena.33

  19. Kaashvi Jain

    ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅

  20. denise ekström

    I would love to win!! Instagram: Denise.ekstrom

  21. tanja i

    Craaazy awesome giveaway!!!! You're, beside your beauty, super generous!!! Can't believe I could win this beauty!!!! You three are absolutely amazing!!! <3 IG @mediterranean.ilove

  22. heppihippos

    Gorgeous fall look! I love fall ❤️
    The prizes are seriously awesome! I would love to win this
    My IG: @heppihippos

  23. Marina S

    Great! I'm entering. I follow all three of you both here and on IG. My IG is @jude909s

  24. Alicia Whitt

    Omg I love all of would would help.so much to win all of this aliciawhitt81@gmail.com IG:ALICIAWHITT6417

  25. Annette De Boda

    Yes! Another giveaway😍😍 ig: julie_anne181

  26. Kavya Shah

    I'm so excited ..never won anything before unfortunately I'm not on IG
    email- hidiskavya@gmail.com

  27. danielle young

    I'd love to enter!! My ig is Danielleluvsmakeup ❤ thank you so much for the chance to enter❤❤

  28. Gurnoor Chawla

    I would love to win this giveaway 🥰🥰
    Looking forward to it
    My ig gurnoor_15

  29. Ashlyn Chandra

    Amazing 💖

  30. Louise White

    Holy hell! Woah girl! All the products your giving away are just 🤭 your truly just amazing! I know this is just a random thing to say but I really like how comfortable you are in front of the camera 💕 I know that sounds weird but I follow many beauty channels and not going to lie so many really don’t have the genuine comfortability and flow like you have 🙂 I look forward to watching your videos and happy to be a new supporter of your channel 😋 insta handle is weeziee_p and or my email is louisewhite88@icloud 😘

  31. gina flores

    Entered. Came from Alegra’s channel.💜 super excited, you guys are doing an awesome giveaway💕 looking forward to your channel too 😊 following you guys on ig @floresfamily5


    From Allegra's channel❤❤❤ insta: trinitti_d
    Followed you on insta also

  33. Kayla

    This is so sweet and generous and a great way to show appreciation for your viewers. Thank you for the opportunity

    IG: @disneydamsels_

  34. Sweetest_Sin_La

    I’m from amie channel so much great stuff in the giveaway IG: @Sweetest_Sin_La

  35. Alyssa Sinclair

    THIS IS CRAZY!!!! you guys are soooooo sweet omggggg!! i followed you on ig gorgeous, my insta is bratty.lys 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  36. Danya Maclean

    Yay! Instagram : danya.maclean

  37. Kristine Vlogs

    I would love to be the winner of your giveaway because I join many giveaways but I've never been the winner so im hoping that I'm gonna be winner in this giveaway ☺️lovelots
    Ig; kristinejuanico

  38. Amber Richards

    Love it! Ig:@ambambanam

  39. Goddesszimmy

    Here from Amie's channel IG: goddesszimmy

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