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  1. Lisa C

    You have some of the healthiest looking hair I’ve ever seen!!! Anyone who says otherwise is just jealous! Happy birthday and welcome to the 60’s! I’m 63 and counting. Beats the alternative! Just to put a bug in your ear. I live in Arkansas. VERY humid. I just bought one of the Hot Tools dryer brushes. Even my wild grays smooth down. Looks better than dryer, round brush and flat iron. LOVE it so far! Thanks for your hard work. You are a joy to watch.

  2. Julie Donohue

    Oh your hair!! So beautiful!

  3. Lisa Olah

    OMG, LOVE THIS VIDEO . . you're so right. Unless the mirror is 7x or 10x I can't see a darn thing 🙂 Thanks for the video Beautiful 🙂

  4. Greta

    Great haul Tammy! Welcome to Florida!

  5. Beauty Boomer

    Another great haul♥️ I hope you love the Tati palette , it’s become a favorite.

  6. Laura Marler

    Tammy your hair is amazing!! And I call it rooster sauce:)

  7. Cathy M

    Happy Birthday Tammy…Great haul/chit chat thank you 😘loving the Tory Burch shoes they are fabulous

  8. ZoriGV

    Happy Birthday, Tammy😀 Sincere wishes for good health and lots of happiness 😀😀😀

  9. Elaine Mullins

    Happy Birthday Tammy!! Enjoy your beautiful Florida weather.

  10. keepfitgirl

    Happy Birthday to you! Looking gorgeous, as always. Emma x

  11. Mhela Cruz

    Happy birthday! You are so pretty and does not look your age. Your hair looks so healthy.

  12. Ana Cristina Simões Vilar

    Happy Birthday, my dear Tammy !!! It is always a pleasure to see your vídeos! I am older (62…😃), and I am thankfull for your joyful and “encyclopedic” work!

    Please excuse my English…

    Your portuguese faithful subscrever!🤗💐

  13. Never too old !!!

    Happy birthday Tammy!! 🎈🎉🎂🎆🥂🌈✨🎊 I hope you had a wonderful day, and a very happy and healthy year to come!
    Loved the haul! Enjoy your 'winter' 🌻🌞🌴🏊‍♀️🏖️🌡️😎🐕🐕 Take care, Ginny 😘😘😘

  14. Kalina Ka

    Happy B-day Tammy❤️❤️❤️

  15. Ranalynn’s Lifestyle & Beauty

    Worcestshire …..I cant say it either

  16. Ms Ramos

    Happy birthday🎂👑 beautiful❤ Tammy ❤💄 wish you the best today tomorrow & always 😇👸👑

  17. Ranalynn’s Lifestyle & Beauty

    Happy Birthday

  18. Ranalynn’s Lifestyle & Beauty

    Now I wanna go shopping Tammy. Enjoy your sunday.

  19. Sheila Ashley

    You always put a smile on my face! Even though I can’t afford it, I think those shoes are the prettiest I have ever seen! I have several words and thoughts that do not come out right mostly sayings like Kill two stones with one bird! 😂. My hubby told me to not even attempt it because it never comes out right…but, it still makes him laugh when I do! Enjoy your stay in Florida!

  20. Jackie Monk

    Happy Birthday! Remember 60 is only a number, I'll be 65 on my birthday in March & I can say, it only gets better.

  21. Kathy McCoy

    Hope you and the babies and Lou have a wonderful winter! Love your hair, you skin looks gorgeous and I love the eye look! Thank you for sharing! ❤️

  22. Annemarie Rottorf

    I've been looking for my comforter. My home is under remodel so all is packed. Supposed to be finished sometime in January. Thank you for the great haul. I bought many of the items myself. I am now on a as need only basis. My daughter said Mom. Since your remodelling turn the garage into a makeup outlet!

  23. janet simon

    Your hair is gorgeous!

  24. Susie Roo

    Have u retired to Florida? Snow birding 6 months of the year? ❤️Congrats!! I’m retiring in 6 months at 62.❤️ Planning travel as well. Best wishes to you and your hubby ❤️

  25. Joyce Susan

    I am 61 and I have never had surgery, Botox or fillers. So when someone compliments me on my skin, I know they are complimenting ME and what a God gave me. They are not complimenting my surgeon.

  26. Glenda Cox

    You say it this way – Wooster shire. Like rooster, except Wooster!!!

  27. Yvonne Adrian

    I just purchased that Fitglow pallette should be in the mail in a fre days. I will need to watch your tutorial and see if we come up with a similar look.

  28. Estrella Oliva

    Happy Birthday Tammy looking great..Enjoy Florida.Iam in Sarasota for the Holidays.😘🍁🦃🎄

  29. monica Baker33

    You look like you have found your happy place! Having fuzzy hair is a fair trade off for quality outdoor living!

  30. Mommydeb Loves

    Love your craziness

  31. Bhavna Patel

    You look beautiful Tammy. Happy Birthday!!! Love your hair. You and I are the same colors in many of the foundation. I watch your videos first to see if you bought a particular brand foundation. Thank you.

  32. virg loh

    Your hair looks absolutely beautiful…I have very thin, fine hair….Enjoy your time in Florida…

  33. Alison McKenzie

    Belated Birthday Wishes Tammy, have a great festive season in Florida. Hair is looking good !!!!! X

  34. Survivormj

    Try “Ghost Oil” from Sephora. There is also a John Frieda hair mask from Ulta. Very smoothing, hydrating and shines. The ghost oil is a little heavier than your Karistas. I use both. They don’t weigh the hair down. The Bay Harbor scrub doesn’t seem to work well for me.

  35. amy jo

    when you where working what was your career ?

  36. jean405

    Hi Tammy, in England we call it “Wooster sauce”, we drop the “shire”, that makes it much easier 🎂

  37. Dashnj A.

    Many of us would do just about anything shy of a demon-deal for your hair! I'm so glad you rock it the way you want to! 😎

  38. mary fair

    Happy Birthday! I cannot say Massachusetts, lol I feel your pain. Thanks for sharing. I can hardly wait for a review on the Loreal glow foundation. Could you answer me this, what is your favorite high end foundation that you normally use. I have tried Estee Lauder Day Wear, Channel, Lacome and still cannot find one that doesn't go patchy or sinks into my wrinkles. Curious as to which one you use.

  39. jean405


  40. triciah59

    I can’t say aluminum. 😒

  41. Charlie Simmons

    I can’t wait to hear what you think about the Tati palette. Happy holidays, Tammy!

  42. Reflexology52 Welsh

    Don’t know what colors you have on your eyes, but you need to LIVE in those colors, I couldn’t take my eyes off of your eyes!!!

  43. Debbie Talbert

    Happy birthday my beautiful friend! Xoxoxo ❤️

  44. Ott Gavras

    Ohhh Happy Birthday 🌹

  45. Elaine Day

    Hey Tammy. I turned 60 October 5. Know this is belated but Happy Birthday. I have so many You-tubers I have subscribed to but honestly you and maybe two more are the only ones I haven’t grown tired of listening to bc they have changed so much. You are so authentic and I really appreciate that. I never really paid much attention to it before this video but your neck is so young looking. Do you use the same products there as you do your face? Love your videos btw.

  46. Ginger D.

    Your hair is beautiful! You did just a little something different 💕

  47. Hayfa Barash

    Happy birthday beautiful I like your hair and your makeup in this video

  48. yaadein

    Happy Birthday Tammy.
    Love your earrings. Where can we get them .;)

  49. Linda Plummer

    They have the SK-11 on the Walmart website 😊 I’m saving up!

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