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  1. Dance In Dark

    You must make a channel for make-up !! And fashion..😇😗

  2. Anirudh Bisht

    Case comiga ❤❤❤

  3. Anirudh Bisht

    EU te amo ❤❤❤

  4. Kayci Tellez

    This is my ascending sign …. I live at my mothers house and underneath the kitchen sink has a leak …. around the time you posted this video !!!

  5. Marc Fire

    You are so gorgeous

  6. anton mapa

    Cute dog.💖

  7. chbd

    She is a principessa:))) Bless her with long & healthy life

  8. KIKI KARTELL 2019

    i have a leak in my pipe in my ceiling whoa

  9. Its Saloni's Life

    Why every Cancer have problems with Aries. First we get attracted to them then they breaks our heart again and again.

  10. free spirit

    my air conditioner is leaking 😲

  11. Moon beams tarot Tiffany wells

    My bf is an Aries ♈️

  12. NaraNara Mango

    Scorpio Moon and Gemini Rising. I wish for many manifestations.. Thank you for this reading. It encourages me to be more positive in November. I love my Scorpio moon~.. 🙂

  13. Stacier Blankenship

    What!!? 😶🤯 how did you know I have a leak? It's under the sink and so yeah it needs fixing but I cant have no money or that I'm jobless ofcourse..

  14. Good day God I Am LoveLight Yes I Am One w/All I do give pure love w/palms down to mother Gaia eternally consciously connect give pure love that IAm,,,grateful thankful for the soul choice contract here w/no regrets ever its been towers crumbling since childhood just now pausing ending arguementive negative energy in xing/yang connection. Forgiveness and Love I send him external Dee love light grateful to be One w/you being of Light

  15. Vadim Mustafayev

    Okay l hope no drama 👧🌻

  16. TA TA

    Yep he is s mixture of water and air libra and pisces but I'm cancer libra

  17. Yamila Viana

    I love your dog! ❤️

  18. Andres Alvarez

    Love those dream catchers ma'!
    Have a great day!

  19. Andres Alvarez

    Love you!
    K bye!

  20. Andres Alvarez

    IKR 😆

  21. Annette Williams

    Amen you are so Right and I love your Reading May God Keep Blessing you Everyday and I love your puppy

  22. Weezie Pimenlu

    Great reading, off topic I love your hair can you share what you use? Thanks 🙏

  23. SmallCircle MvP

    the roof leaked and i had to call the fire department yesterday

  24. Bernadette DSouza

    Thank you 😊 🙏 Nikki
    My Lola , Chappo and Gizmo says hello 👋 to Nola …lots of love 💕 to you both ..Thanks again

  25. Esan Abrams

    So much talk ….and no reading..

  26. chitra wickram

    Thank you for the reading.I am dealing with an Aries.

  27. Gilles Roger

    KISSES 🐥♥️🇫🇷

  28. nurulainni atan

    my toilet is leaking…yes..im facing that prob now..haha

  29. Felise Magele

    Yup my heart is leaking

  30. h Mandlik

    Omg😍😍 reading nd its true hi is Libra

  31. OnitsukaTiger82

    Your scenario is very accurate, although the 'annoying person' is me. Trying to achieve closure with a cheating Aries Moon who did a cowardly runner and ghosted me.

  32. Priyanka Sharna

    Nice reading Nikki 😘

  33. Ali Hassan

    👋 😬 nala has lovely face ,

  34. Hinemoa Métisse

    You two are beautiful.
    Much Thanks love and blessings.
    🌺 🙏 🌞 🍀 🌸

  35. thornews

    thank you for thanking the Earth Angels. you are a wonderful person.

  36. andrea

    thank you omg

  37. Christopher Ellis

    Lacto-vegetarian is healthy, vegan is a nonsense. 💚 Heavy metals and other toxin need to be bound, before they can be eliminated eg green clay, activated charcoal, shilajit, nigella oil and the rest. 💚 🧙‍♂️

  38. Miriam Garcia

    Thanks Nikki💗

  39. Adam Thirdbourne

    I had to fix my faucet today… wow

  40. Marco Dorado

    Love the reading .their always so accurate for me …..you have absolutely beautiful hair BTW it looks like silk 🙏

  41. Saw A Dee

    Thank you. Love you so much 😘

  42. Vicki Vic

    Thank you for sharing your gift! Off the bat, my water heater is leaking 😂 found out about it 45mins ago! Can't wait to see how November unfolds! Thank you❤

  43. Notorious J

    Thank you for sharing darling!

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