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  1. Refinery29

    Are you as obsessed with Chrissy Teigen as we are? Share with us below!

  2. Lulu At Home

    The makeup artist didn’t get any of the colors right. Chrissy’s makeup is usually monochromatic in brown colors but the makeup artist kept using pinks and purples and mixing colors.

  3. Catherine Edwards

    Did they try?

  4. R H

    This makeup artist needs to be fired. She’s not even trying

  5. Z'Nycé London

    In #1……you looked just like you.
    In #2……you looked just like you.
    In #3……you looked just like you.
    #3 was the best look of looking like you.

  6. Mal K

    Fire whoever did the lighting for this studio, they did the model dirty.

  7. Neha Singh

    Make up is worst. Ewww.

  8. BarbieCityFilms

    this makeup artist missed the mark a lot here

  9. James Padilla

    I'm getting rita ora more than anything

  10. katie j

    She looks better than Chrissy in the 3rd look!!!

  11. Priscilla Pimentel Sanchez

    Pleeease! They certainly both beautiful, but they don't look nothing alike.

  12. Malaisah Trophy

    FAILED 😭

  13. Iman Thisan

    Hey refinery29 an Aaliyah transformation would be so cool.please consider

  14. jackie richardson

    i remember this girl! she's in a hair me out video

  15. Marina Raeee

    anyone else here after rewatching Mikaela Long’s old videos?

  16. Lauren

    Love this girl. She seems like a great person and she’s really pretty. But I don’t see the resemblance between her and Chrissy. Their both Asian and they both have a similar face shape but I think that’s were it ends.

  17. Nadia mua


  18. Gloria Burgoa

    She looks a lot like Chloe Kim! 🤗

  19. S Baker

    She is a natural, beautiful girl, i love her smile too🤗

  20. Josie

    The last look is cute!

  21. Angela Patricia

    She reminds me of Julia Stiles

  22. Dining Raeshel

    You look more like Julia Styles

  23. Chr¡sty Renee'

    You are very close to Chrissy. Obviously y'all both are beautiful ladies.

  24. mexbiuri

    No shade on Chrissy 'cause she's beautiful, but this girl is even moree beautiful, she doesn't even need all that makeup

  25. lgal56

    They saw two Asian girls and said "wow twins"

  26. Brandi Pardo

    She is so much prettier than Chrissy

  27. Hayley Ryals

    If Ronda Rousey and Jessica Biel had a baby, it would be her!

  28. Fiona Smith

    You look nothing like her. Pretty but nothing like her

  29. loveforeignaccents

    All of the looks are spot-on, and I love that final lipstick color!

  30. Jade Carmelle

    I'm glad that they get an asian girl to recreate chrissy teigens look

  31. geekista

    She's beautiful 😍 she has nothing to envy to chrissy teigen

  32. Azlooful

    2nd look is Gina Rodriguez like!

  33. MellyD

    Looks better without the makeup/hair and just being yourself. The most (only imo) attractive thing about Chrissy is her online personality…and you won't get that in a 1-2hr "transformation".

  34. Angela Boss


  35. Bianca Gonzalez

    Lmao she said nude lip and they put a pink lip

  36. Madelyn Breeden

    She looks like Jenifer Lawrence not Chrissy Tegan

  37. Halima

    Idk why, but I see more JLo than Chrissy.
    Edit- Either way she's still pretty

  38. Itschristeljoy

    This video isn't really about recreating looks the message should be more about, how does one look like with an own glam team. Too often people forget with social media that celebrities have an entire team dedicated to their looks. As for the woman in the video, she's pretty as well.

  39. Monique

    Wonder if this was before or after she died her hair icy blonde

  40. Tisa Young

    You literally look NOTHING like her. Makeup is nice though

  41. The Dimond Family

    Sunday to our channel 🧸📸🙏🏻

  42. missironmouse

    People! The models don’t have to be exact replicas, and what matters most is that the makeup artists are able to capture the element of the celebrity 💕💕 that’s my take at least

  43. Fatma Atma

    This girl looks more like jennifer lopez though.

  44. Buttcheeks Mcgee

    I dont see the similarities. But she is a sweet girl

  45. gustopheles

    Wouldn’t that wig sit flatter if he didn’t cornrow her hair? No one benefits from putting nonblack girls into African hairstyles.

  46. MISSed Bandwagon

    Yeah, I can see it. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

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