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  1. Havok Vladimirovich Stalinov

    Who's my favorite Sim? Obviously, SPLEENS DIES WE RIOT!!!!

  2. Nut Screw Gamer

    I guess the cancer came from the sun deadly ultra violet?

  3. Blake Thompson

    Gray should play Destiny 2

  4. Shepherd Sam

    "Low tolerance for intelligence", there are actually people out there that fit that description

  5. Dylan Higgins

    By this time, Gray is Death’s biggest customer.

  6. emokid does shambles cuz he gay

    elis dee rule 34?

  7. xNotYourAverageGamer

    mind blowing that any1 thinks this is laughable, if any1 in your family died of cancer…

  8. a human, duh

    It's like people always say

    Give a moth a man and he will

    eh, you know what I mean

  9. Go Max

    Did you know that in Rick and Morty if you feed something to the monster then shut the door quick enough he can’t actually spit it out

  10. Remoniq

    Gray have Death's number on his phone.

    "Hey death?"
    "Yes Gray?"
    "Codeword Sims"
    "Say no more, I'm onthe way."

  11. Yoyo Stoons

    The funny thing is that Spleens and Tonsils always win.

  12. Nemesis Mxntii

    build a house that builds a house that builds a house

  13. Solange Noordzij

    Oh good God Gray.. why..

  14. Alex Day


  15. Chilled ReCoded

    Gray, now you've gotta do the Man family versus electricity.

  16. UltimateDarkrai

    Put spleens on the gallery

  17. Dat Ferret

    "Moldly, charred bodies surrounding the television."
    In other words, my future autopsy report.

  18. Rebecca Suraci

    Fresh baked tonsils bahahahhahaha

  19. tori g

    Graystillplays can we upload our sim selfs as mermaids Have Florida man and Australian man get married and have a family consisting of teenage sim. I think you're the mod if you don't have it MC command center. Try to get an alien sim and keep all of them. Basically WORK THEM TO DEATH!

  20. Urpo Lankinen

    "The Most Flammable Bastards in the Entire Universe" – thanks, I'll be calling all vampires that from now on

  21. rrjtcougar

    Alright so we’re back with the only game where water buffalos chase the sound of ATVs like a bull to the color red…it’s “the Hunter: Call of the Wild”. More buffalos, dammit!

  22. Lunar Kitsune

    Dude spleens won duh

  23. Jeskers18

    Yaaay! I absolutely live for this series!

  24. Lil Witch

    false: in Florida you don't crisp, you melt into a screaming puddle

  25. Yeee boi

    Tonsil won no fair

  26. Pettyx

    I started watchin you like on Saturday and like every video i watch is so funny u are amazing

  27. Daria Ivanov

    I hate it when people take cancer as a joke. And use it to bait viewers. Seriously, that's not cool.

  28. Gökçe Şener

    I wanna start a petition to bring colono back please..🙌🏻 BRING🙌🏻 COLONO 🙌🏻SCOPY🙌🏻 BACK🙌🏻

  29. Johnnyahn Henney

    why does Beth look like jeffree star lmfaoooo

  30. Kris

    I had a suntan/sunburn mod installed (before that actually became a thing in the game) and it included cancer. Apparently. LOL I didn't even realize it, but then I would get random, "This Sim has been diagnosed with skin cancer" modifications. That was a little too realistic.

  31. Andrej Srebinoski

    Play big in small foot town

  32. Rofl Doffel

    the grim reaper offers all spuls to spleens

  33. Dr Who

    Where is the new sim?

  34. Casey Lane

    2:23 who else immediately screamed "HERE'S JOHNNY!!"

  35. natasha A.Piedade

    Jeez… This video is 4D for me. I feel the burns as I got sunburn yesterday

  36. Cute Gaming :3

    Make people so angry they die.

  37. Merve Öztürk

    are you gonna play bitlife

  38. Robin Geilhuber

    hhnnnnnnnnggggg….the things i'd do to ellis dee..

  39. Awai Ebi


  40. Mirella Meulen

    Can we bring back Bleach and his brother/Sister/creature/thing?

  41. Rosa Maria

    How can you make cats vampires???

  42. Cj’s prestige

    Yayy you uploaded this on my birthday:))

  43. Kelsey Crawford

    Florida man should win for this one

  44. Dweet Fairfield

    I don’t like cancer tbh.

  45. Rida Imaan

    0:17 I kind looks like spleens is on fire if you think about it

  46. bokimalou

    Gray should write a season of Total Drama Island

  47. Tristan Viola

    By 2:19 you will have cancer

  48. Jazmyn Grandison

    As a Floridian, I can confirm that this is an accurate simulation 😂

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