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  1. Refinery29

    Which look of Camila's is your favorite? Who else would you like to see featured on Beauty Evolution?

  2. soleebsa

    If her hair was jet black she could be camilas twin!

  3. Shawanbala Chanambam

    Camila Mendes = Camila+Shawn Mendes

  4. stephrollins09

    Great job!!!!! Y’all rocked this!!!!!

  5. Vasuda Nayar

    step 1: look like Camila Mendes

  6. Lindsay C

    She has beautiful skin! I wish y’all had shown the back of her head for the last look though so we could’ve seen the whole style.

  7. 콩콩이는콩콩콩

    So lovely 💕💕💕💕

  8. BarbieCityFilms

    The makeup artist cannot be using the concealer and eyeliner applicators on her directly!!!

  9. Emily_JOY Ragains

    I love riverdale

  10. Ba Nana

    Sorry @refinery29 but the content of your videos get worse and more uninteresting every week…I mean what needs this, or who needs videos about someone's bag? That's so unimportant and boring, I can get nothing out of it 🙁

  11. Danielle Diaz

    you look like her

  12. Libby Evans

    It’s so amazing how you do this!

  13. Jade Carmelle

    Im just wondering if they paid her to pretend that she likes camila. Isn't it a coincidence ? Most of the person in this make over looks alike by the person they look up to. Idk if they really look up to this person in real life or theyre just paid to do so. Check theyre previous videos most of them looks alike with their own idols.

  14. Kel McGowan

    The eye make up in the last look was so gorgeous and bright!

  15. Numéro

    Dude I don’t watch Riverdale so I legit thought Camilla married Shawn for a sec

  16. JustMe

    Can we just talk about your definition of natural?…

  17. Fatma Atma

    Hoooolyyy heckk she looks just like veronica after the makeover!! Plz have a Mahira Khan makeup lookalike plz.

  18. Anne Wagner

    Loved the last one ❤️

  19. maryam adams

    They did a great job

  20. Ashley Anne

    a red lip on you looks so good sis

  21. SuperChiko4000

    This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥⭐🌟🌟

  22. infinitelyjay

    She actually looks so much more like Inbar Lavi! That would’ve been spot on! Beautiful looks though

  23. Lisa Messikommer

    YEES! it's been so long!!! love the new edit work 🙂

  24. Missy Zorel

    They do look alike, could even pass for sisters. The model is a natural beauty. You guys got the perfect young lady for this one!

  25. Emma S

    they’re both so beautiful in their own ways but i definitely see a resemble between them! queens!

  26. Iman Thisan

    Camilla mendes is such a natural beauty and so is Kristen

    I was wondering if you could do an Aaliyah transformation.thanks

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