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  1. kodiaxo

    gurl, I just drink it just to drink it 🥵🥵

  2. Lora Massegee

    Have you ever tried the same idea with apple cider vinegar; if so what were the results?

  3. Ammar Napata

    Here's a suggestion re-upload this video and use your real voice not the cringey robotic voice thank you

  4. Christa Kraus

    the monotone robot always makes these videos so clear and enjoyable

  5. Cake n Bacon

    Pickle juice taste good

  6. mrbr549

    I drank all the pickle juice and then I felt great, too bad the pickles all died from dehydration.

  7. Holden Deeznuts

    Pickle juice is good for open cuts, burns ,and  use as Eye drops.

  8. anterpants

    Dollars to donuts the girl in the pictures didn't make this crap video.

  9. cody k

    I hear that voice on a video and I immediately leave.

  10. Kayle Wallace

    ice,pickle juice, with a pickle in the cup makes a great drink🤤

  11. BrookBlue

    Who is drinking pickle juice

  12. RMagico

    i drank a jar of pickle juice every single day

  13. Little bit dorky 78

    Always wondered what Siri looked like

  14. Danny Garden

    So…………… Your tittle is clickbait or you're way off topic, I go with clickbait, welcome to youtube…….

  15. Mike Walker

    Is it good or bad for ulcers?

  16. Nicknametaylor

    Well I didn't know a robot could even drink pickle juice !

  17. -Anonymous- 1234

    Drinking pickle juice thins your blood…

  18. William Lewin

    Too much salt in prickle juice.

  19. Rippin Lips Fishing

    Sounds like you feel like a robot

  20. Tyler Shepherd

    Pickle Infused Vodka!?

  21. Tyler Shepherd

    Why are people so lazy that they can't just use their regular voice in these videos? I mean really, no one likes their own real voice but what's the big deal?

  22. MRS. RAZZ

    could not watch the whole thing. the voice made me want to run away

  23. Dresden Beyer

    Bad breathe? Vinegar? Toothpaste? Corn syrup and coloring?

  24. Rinnegan Ice

    Why do people say pickle juice is nasty? It taste delicious honestly I love the tingling feeling I get when you down a glass. It's taste sour but it's delicious

  25. Breanna Brenko

    What if I just did it because it taste delicious?

  26. aphcident

    i love pickle and pickle juice omg

  27. Paula's Life

    My god this really drags on………. I'm sure this robot keeps repeating itself none stop.. I'm falling asleep😴😴😴

  28. Reagan Brooke

    I literally straight up drank pickle juice when I was younger

  29. Hailee Wood


  30. Marcus B


  31. feito casillas

    Who wants some of my pickle juice 😄😄😄😄😄

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