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  1. MyThehello

    I see those booty gains

  2. Jake NHale

    Terrible camera work innit

  3. malcolm adderley


  4. XandraLeigh

    When your muscles are this tight and unhappy any sort of pressure hurts so much. Trigger Point can be incredibly painful but it helps so much in the long run.

  5. bando Lando

    Yoo, i'm searching for someone who can help me. How can I do if I can hit only my calories at the end of the day but I can not hit my macros at all ? It's a week that I can't get weight . At least only 100 grams in 3 days. Pls help me or just link me some video cause I'm getting crazy. (Sry for my bad English)

  6. H. Findik

    The thumbnail starts at 7:23 😏😁

  7. James Roberts

    Overact much?

  8. LB

    I came for the title, stayed for the fantastic hair

  9. Wikktor Sanchez

    Don't you make it worst by flexing and moving while he is rubbing it out?

  10. Ali Ahmad

    While watching this every muscle injury just flared up

  11. Doré Jeaqn-Michael

    holy shite this look painfull.

  12. Hannah-Leah Caton

    Sports and fitness massage therapy is one of my two dream professions I'm working towards. I always feel bad for those being tested but I'm also like, It's for your own good. No pain no gain💪🏾💪🏾

  13. bumzilla 85

    My gluteus were so tight I couldn’t take a shit so mum had to help me with a spoon

  14. Christian Morgan

    These are my favourite series you’ve done on your channel tbh. 😂

  15. Midnight_Runner94

    You made it seem like Youtube has a gay porn spam

  16. Cameron Jeffery

    The thumbnail looks like it's take from a gay porno

  17. The Joker

    Try passing a kidney stone

  18. Lito Lito

    Nice ass 😋

  19. Lea Setegn

    I wonder if it’s hurting Lex worse because he’s tensing up against it? Yeah, this stuff hurts, but if you don’t relax with it, you’re just making the muscles even tighter.

  20. John Perry

    A raccoon lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Zachary Milos

    If this released my back I'd do this in a heart beat. Has Lex had his hip flexors trigger point released yet? That was fun when I got it D:

  22. Gym Freak

    is it that much painful?

  23. Royal Bruh 87

    Where can I find a doctor like that in Charlotte?

  24. Aaron Lemus

    My mom came in, 
    I switched to porn because it was easier to explain :X

  25. Syxel_atam zero

    So much fan service 😂

  26. wazrasta

    Great fucking video. My left QL is the fucking bain of my existence.

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