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  1. Surebty Soulmay

    Very Professional opinion and good operation treatment.thank you.

  2. Anindita's styling

    Is it suitable for dry skin??

  3. Nitro

    Does it do much for hyperpigmentation?

  4. Tina A

    Have you tried hydra facials yet? If yes let me know what you think.

  5. nageen sohail

    Question : how much money have you spent on these facials you get all the time ?
    And how many facials you have had in total in a year?

  6. PrinceChris93

    I live in a small city so I'm hoping I can do some of these I'm a sucker for exfoliating

  7. ashwini purandare

    Anyone think that before and after never look that different?

  8. AnneBeCious

    I tried this after watching your video about this, i do need this treatment, so I did. and ill be coming back for another treatment for laser surfacing. Thanks for the feedback.

  9. Ava Sierchio

    She should test out snail facial


    Quite stingy with the carbon lol

  11. yovita

    oh my god her skin is so smooth

  12. Natalia b.

    There is me who smashed a strawberry and put it on my face. Honestly skin never felt smoother. Tingled but once I removed it I smelled amazing plus no chemicals that I can't understand

  13. nidhi bansal

    What gel have you used after charcoal removal?? What process did you perform after applying gel??

  14. psf rose

    Why does she slouch ??

  15. Jini with VLOGS in NYC

    just went there recently. first visit is FREE!!!! ugh the best!!! defi goin back again!

  16. Marcela K. Preininger

    I had that facial done too! It was great but the effects only lasted like 2 weeks.

  17. Dan Livni


  18. Sloan Maria Powers

    I have to wonder if this facial might be more worth it if you have hard to fight acne

  19. Ferzana Akhtar

    You paid a lot for the treatment I will be porcelain doll charcoal laser treatment soon for £38

  20. Lindsey Sullivan

    Do you know kind of laser was used for the IPL? Most IPL’s are contraindicated for skin types 4-6…

  21. zEyUP10SION

    If only we have the money… lol who else is satisfied and wishes to try these?

  22. Guylify Mark

    My screen must have low DPI or colour pallet, she looks exactly same, it didn't do anything

  23. SLR 05

    How much?

  24. Kimmy Gordon

    would like to see skincare treatments done on more acne prone skin to see real life results 🙂

  25. Lisa Paola

    Does this remove hairs and reduce sweat in the face?

  26. Rithika Reddy V

    I love u girl….

  27. Mely G

    I really love your feedback on these treatments. Would you ever consider CO2RE Fractional Resurfacing or Fraxel Laser? If so, would be very interest to hear your experience with the whole process. Thank you!

  28. Kelly Savoie

    Is 258$ just for ipl lazer in my place so 😅😅😅

  29. Christina Nawabi

    Please ENOUGH facial videos!!!

  30. Cherisse Fernandes

    I need to know what teeth whitening products are good so go through the one that supposedly works best please!

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