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  1. Mackenzie Belme

    Lane Bryant has existed for over 100 years and by the 1920s had a “stout” (plus size) catalog. So plus size fashion was available and did not have to be custom.

  2. Crys Newbury

    Omgggggg I laughed so hard about the curly hair

  3. Kari Frye

    My grandma always made her own clothes, she was probably about a size 10 on todays standards but she grew up as a preachers daughter and didn’t have the extra to spend on clothes so I’m not sure about inclusivity on plus sizes in stores.

  4. Oh, Young Waker of the Winds

    God she's annoying

  5. Dub Di

    I’m sure somebody already said this, but a good chunk of women actually made their own clothing from patterns and material they purchased. I know my grandmother did….. also, you need to wet the brush for cake mascara to work babe.

  6. Jessie Memmolo

    You should do a mini series of each era!

  7. Lynda Makara

    There weren't nearly as many plus size women back then as there are now

  8. Srushti Ghogare

    Please dress like Ariana grande for a week plz plz I lOVE YOU😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  9. Roree Ella

    Next time you do a video where you shop at a different store and compare sizes you should try Australian stores. I'm from Australia and i personally really like Supre. They have a pretty wide range of sizes and for good prices usually. I'm pretty sure they ship to USA, but there's a lot more australian stores that you could try if not😊. Also, love you and ur vids. ❤❤❤

  10. Marina Marcucci

    It seems like this was not very well researched as I had hoped, which is unfortunate

  11. Patricia Eichner

    When your are brushing out a curl set you have to just keep brushing and brushing and brushing. Then you brush onto your hand to form the waves. You didn't brush enough!

  12. Shelley Gabriel

    You are just too damned cute. Great video! Thank you!

  13. Ursula Maphosa

    Who was born in the 1900's?

  14. Kelsey Williams

    I just ordered those exact shoes from that brand like a week ago 😮😆

  15. Lauren Hill

    I did dapper day at Disney World this past year and it was so much fun…

  16. Davis Unboxing

    Omg this video was so fun to watch! I LOVED it. I esspecially loved the makeup video.

  17. Marissa Fernandez

    Im pretty sure you're supposed to wet the mascara for it to work

  18. ShallanD

    As far as I know, standard sizing began in the 1950s. Before the 20th century, clothes were tailor made. People sewed their own clothes or went to a dress maker or seamstress. The industrialization of the fashion industry is the reason behind standardized sizing.

  19. Allyson Crooks

    I feel like it’d be a cool idea to recreate this style in your own way, like getting the look, but using modern tools/technology.

  20. prettyinpink9893

    Lol the hair

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