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  1. bilishu aliss

    In your house hunting process is James involved? ie will he be living in the new house with you?? Love you xo #questionoftheday

  2. Kalysia Negron

    But it looked really good on you

  3. Jade West

    You look so glam

  4. haylee Kimbro

    This should have been a revolution tutorial

  5. Georgia Horton

    The whole face looks nice you should do it more often

  6. Jen Timcakova

    I love the eye look. Baking is witchcraft! Xo

  7. Lea Michelle 1982

    Yes to the eyeliner in the waterline and yes to travel vids/vlogs xx

  8. Alex Christine

    i do my eye brows first to fix them with foundation

  9. Elle Gormley

    I prime and then do my eyebrows! I then do my foundation and carve then out with concealer ! I just find it a lot easier because I rest my hand on my face to do my brows, because my hands are quite shaky. I also just find it easier to correct them and carve them out

  10. Lisa Ingram

    Lol so serious I think I like how yours turned out more than I like hers. Your so cute!! 😘😘

  11. Samantha Jane

    Personally eyebrows first, can tidy them up with concealer 🙂 eye make looks pretty bomb 😂 i use eyeliner in my waterline sometimes for a grungy effect 👌

  12. Hannah Powles

    I also do eyebrows first before foundation etc. I have a fringe so I never bother putting foundation on my forehead and therefore no issue with it getting in the brow product!

  13. lil Jude

    U look amazing

  14. Chabela Triana

    i just found your channel and im so happy! i been watching your videos for 2 days <3

  15. maddy young

    Subscribing because of your nails 😍

  16. Orlaith M

    The cool toned smokey eye look reaaaally suits you x

  17. Hollie Jones

    Brows first then conceal them😍

  18. Emily Kemp

    U do ya brows and eyes first cause in end they stand out a lot more x

  19. Charlotte Kay

    I do my eyebrows first incase I mess it up and I won’t need to re-do

  20. Harvey Read

    i heard somewhere that some people do their eyebrows first so if they mess it up they can fix it with their foundation and concealer

  21. aola wili

    Not even gonna lie, Soph’s makeup looks better than Kim’s….🤷🏼‍♀️😍 xx

  22. Lil Nena

    You look so nice :,)

  23. Chloe Boorman

    i love how soph’s being judgmental over kim’s makeup techniques even though she literally had makeup lessons big lol

  24. LaurenCreates

    I’d love travel videos 😍

  25. Florence Gray

    wow you look so stunning I can’t 🥵😍😍😍😍

  26. Nikolina Telkiyska

    I can’t stop laughing 😂 Soph you are so funny 😻

  27. Cherry Girl

    Your eyes are gorgeous 😭

  28. gina mcc

    Baking feels really weird

  29. calistabc5

    You said you're going bali, I would looove to go! How have you found the cost or travel eg flights, accommodation? Thanks soph, love your vids!

  30. eemmsann

    When I heard that you wanted to come to Sweden I was like “YESSSSS COME TO MY COUNTRY HOLY HELL YES!!!!!😱😱😱”

  31. Farhana Khan

    Skip ad: 3:44

  32. Cenia0013

    Wow Soph you literally transformed 😍

  33. eva crabbe

    The eyes look amazing! That dark liner combined with the smoky shadows make ur blue eyes pop!

  34. Marleen Caous

    The eyeshadow looks AMAZING on you!! 🤩

  35. favoloso_mama 1

    I hate baking. The few times I tried doing my undereyes I was like girl wtf?! They looked dry, wrinkled and like 💩 and I just don't think it's for me.

  36. Lisa Kiel

    Your eyes look so great with this technique! 😱🥰

  37. Jenny

    Yours looks better than hers but that's way too much work and hassle for me, I don't like baking.

  38. Khadijah Patel


  39. Jade Wilson

    "what does that do?" 😂
    Highlights and brings it forward 😳
    You put a light concealer on smile lines to stop them from looking so 'deep'.
    And the 'flat spongey thing' is a powder puff 😂

  40. Greta Aston

    Yasssssss 47 on trending proud of ya👏👏💜💙💚💛😲

  41. Kayla Brown

    Is it bad I prefer your final look to Kim’s 😂😂😂😂

  42. Kellraiser 0151

    Actually love this look on you especially the eyes. Makes your eye colour pop… also keep doing this look but alter it to how you prefer you'll master it xx

  43. Cons Hau

    Love the eyshadow look, but I'm very unsure of the black eyeliner on the waterline. It kinda makes your eyes look smaller? Also loved the foundation on you.

  44. mei li

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  45. Žaklīna Teilāne

    That eye shadow really suits you😍

  46. Aimee Birkett Sings

    i always do my eyebrows first lol i find they have a better shape and are easily wipeable if i get a bit of eyebrow product where it shouldnt be

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