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  1. Refinery29

    Have you ever tried any kind of faux freckles on your face? Share your experiences with us below!

  2. Imaad

    These kinda people are the craziest in the world

  3. Shannon Sunshine

    This is funny to me because my mom hates her freckles and I’ve always loved them. My freckles have come in with age and I love mine because they remind me of her

  4. Carey

    No, they’re not age spots… they’re freckles. Yeah, that’s the story I’m sticking with.

  5. Hemmy

    My great-grandmother put straight up lemon juice on my mothers face because she thought that would remove the freckles.

  6. Space Unicorn

    I dont understand but ok

  7. cielo9623

    Omg I don’t know why …. I hate my freckles lol

  8. Belliette Lovisa

    ask anyone with natural freckles and we all hate them (well everyone i've asked haha)


    I have freckles and don’t understand why people want them

  10. sami justine

    I've always loved my freckles and now I love them even more bc now ppl want them so bad to tattoo them on their faces

  11. Aria

    Dumbest thing I've ever seen

  12. The-Evil-Queen Maleficent

    This is freckle appropriation! Ban the fake freckle 😶

  13. Deeer

    I have natural freckles and I love them, but I wouldn't tattoo them in my face if I didn't have any

  14. aesthetic bby

    they look fake but cute if that’s the look u want

  15. reyna Ishappy

    Don’t look real

  16. Jennifer Jimenez

    I have freckles in my face and arms that darken in the summer and lighten in the winter and i always hated how people would get in my face to point them out…like "Omg! i didn't know u had freckles"etc..

  17. Sid H

    In theory, I like and would even consider but the layout of these are definitely too perfect. My mom and her side of the family have freckles and they are way more random around the face than this.

  18. Tina Yael Severinovna M.

    Her freckle placement looks super unnatural.

  19. E Campbell

    I've had freckles since I was probably 5. I love them. It just seams kind of silly to tattoo freckles on, but I mean, sure?

  20. Jennyfer Hatala

    Pretty disgusting they dont look natural and its not pretty. If youd dint have them dont want them.

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