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  1. Ed Driscoll

    To access the poem, just google: ed@eunoia

  2. Ed Driscoll

    You are a very brave lady, God bless you and your lovely little baby and, when you have a spare moment, please take a look at my pro-life poem, as recited by me in a 4 minute video clip and, if you like it, please share it with others. Regards, Ed.

  3. I am just a mom doing the best I can

    I'm poor, Alaskan and in early pregnancy with throat issues. How can it be done safely? Any natural ways?

  4. Conor Moyne

    Was this woman, or was she not, in the second trimester of pregnancy, when the risk for the fetus is little to none as the placenta wall is not breached by the drugs being used?

  5. It's_ellie_baby

    Because every cancer and cancer treatment are the same 🙄 this is ridiculous.

  6. Stephen McElligott

    Audrey you're an inspiration to many including your husband and two boys. Not once during your ordeal did you ever complain. We love you very much!!! Well done.

  7. Hello Darling

    No every women has the same thing same cancer same excat body. That was your option. Not everyone has the same thing. It's like comparing apples to oranges, and as someone went through it you would understand and have compassion and consider yourself lucky.

  8. Kieran Donegan

    Beautiful video well done to this brave lady!

  9. yvonne o mara


  10. Kitty Torres

    my story: gofundme.com/emelyscure every share / donation makes the difference !

  11. GoBlueGirl78

    It's wonderful that you didn't have to make the decision to terminate and you were able to get cancer treatment, and both mother and baby are healthy.
    Unfortunately, there are over 200 types (and counting) of cancer, and different stages of each, and various treatment protocols depending on the patient.
    To assume everyone will be in your exact same situation is fallacious and dangerous. If a pregnant woman has uterine cancer, they can't exactly put a cover over her belly to protect the fetus during scans, can they? And radiotherapy maybe necessary in some cases. As for chemo, some are more teratogenic than others, while some are less toxic and more cell-specific.
    In many cases, oncologists will not prescribe these therapies for a pregnant woman, because of the risks to the fetus and complications, putting the woman in a very difficult position.
    Having a cancer diagnosis is hard enough, but making a woman feel bad for having to terminate a wanted pregnancy to save her life is horribly judgemental.

  12. killbotone

    "no one in my situation needs an abortion"…..so in other words anyone who is not you doesn't need an abortion…fine! 
    but don't assume anyone who is not you needs to live as you do..why should they?

  13. Risteard de Roiste

    I fully agree. Abortion only kills the baby.

  14. Muireann07

    What a wonderful woman. Its great that pregnant women can know that they will be fully looked after in Ireland, and get best care. Why are Amnesty scaremongering regarding abortion. #ShAmnesty

  15. Corduroyflare

    Wow. . . Powerful testimony. Abortion has NO place in modern society and belongs in the dark ages.

  16. Life Ireland

    Beautiful video! Thanks for sharing your testimony Audrey

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