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  1. Hi I’m still a piece of garbage

    #questionoftheday fav clothing brand??

  2. Amana Sajjid

    The main reason i you're beauty blender got stuck was because you're was way bigger than what is in the advertisement

  3. DayDay Xox

    Doc Mcstuffins

  4. Alyssa Bustamante

    Maybe try less water and more pumps of soap

  5. e city boy

    Love it

  6. Bay Williams

    You should try to put more water in.

  7. MellyLovee100

    U need to add more water

  8. Yolanda Navarro

    I am new i just subscribed

  9. Emily Hogben

    dunno if anyone elses this but i just put my beauty blender in the (big) washing machine x🙂

  10. Fangirl ofmany

    Should've tried calgon

  11. Yvette Summers

    You just needed more water

  12. Isabella Candelas

    I think u should have put more soap for the beauty blender

  13. Evelyn Munoz

    The whole time I was like flip the sponge unsidedown!

  14. Megan H

    Can you do a plastic-free makeup challenge?

  15. Nick The Great

    hi soph doe snails. i love your channel 😍

  16. Ghost and the Buns

    Your Chanel is called sophdoesnails but I’ve never seen you do a video about nails…

  17. hpupppiesz

    OMG, she looks just like Demi from the Bachelor!!!!

  18. kittymini

    #questionoftheday do you know bts, if you do what do you think about them

  19. Emily Georgiou

    There is no need to buy that.. just clean it like a normal person and don't buy things. I really hope you at least recycle that an not throw it away.

  20. Rosa Burruel


  21. Leticia Ramos

    Just use your hand 🖐😂👍🏼

  22. Desiree Leon

    U look so much like sabrina carpenter

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