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  1. Mallory Johnson

    You are SO pretty!!! Gosh I wish i looked like you.
    also, i buy the vitamin c serum, the charcoal teeth powder, and the clay mask regularly because i am one of the happy customers who left a positive review!

  2. Gwen Webster

    10-15 uses for the clay tub???? absolutely not i’ve had mine for a year all you need is a spoon full you can use it 50+ times

  3. Shauna O Sullivan

    Your hair is amazingggg😍🔥

  4. Nikole Saa

    Where did u get the pink headband ????? It’s sooo cute

  5. Paula Lashes!

    I just would like to know if you are receiving kick backs for these reviews. I’ve used some of these products and they don’t live up to their claims.

  6. Ariana Helvie

    Ten to fifteen uses for the bentonite clay?? I had a jar and it lasted me for at least a year. You get a ton of use out of it.

  7. Coco-Fay Verkerk

    Can you mix the charcoal powder with your toothpaste?

  8. cathy foster

    i tried essence of argan oil to reduce dark spots , fine lines and acne and it really works

  9. lamb

    hi susan, i know this is an older video but just wanted to clarify a few important things; most important is that amazon reviews can be easily faked or bought and a lot of the amazon recommended items are afflicted by this. make sure to run sale pages through sites like fakespot, which analyze amazon reviews for repetitive or "fake" sounding reviews. fakespot will then give a grade for the veracity of reviews, and then it takes the reviews it believes to be accurate and rerates the product. secondly, bentonite clay has a much more basic pH level compared to human skin. water, being neutral, does not change the pH of the bentonite clay at all, whereas ACV being an acid will lower the clay to a pH closer to human skin pH levels. additionally, you should not leave clay masks on until they crack. my understanding is that, especially with a pure bentonite clay mask that has no added moisturizing agents, the mask can start pulling moisture out of your skin to try to hydrate itself. the tight skin feeling is from your skin starting to be dehydrated. clay masks should be washed off when they are relatively dry to the touch but not yet cracking. i will spritz myself with something like a rose water to keep the mask hydrated if i want to leave it on for longer.

  10. Kimba Guevara

    Love this type of videos! And yes the Aztec clay helped me so much with acne back in the day

  11. zoe d

    The WOW Dreamcoat has received a lot of negative feedback from a lot of women. A lot of women said that after using it their hair their hair started breaking off. The product is silicone-based i think? So what happens is your hair is coated by the product and is gradually worn off with a few washes. It doesn't wash off easy like most products. The smell is bad – like water from a garden hose (this is an accurate description). I do not know if it lingers when you put it in your hair. I am surprised that such a product is top rated on websites even with a lots of bad reviews from women who tried it. There are women who say it lived up to its hype (don't know if these are even real). You can find other beauty gurus raving about it as well. Check it out but be warned. The product sounds like a make or break one. Do your research before thinking of purchasing. Good luck to all.

  12. lina jb

    Hi.. we need an update for the vitamin c and the retinol ☺️

  13. Jen

    What age should I use that retinol at? I'm 33

  14. Mortar and Pestle Tshuaj Khib thiab Qws Txob

    The clay works wonders for me, especially as a spot treatment for a forming pimple.

  15. Rory O

    Hey- new time follower- would love to see a vid on beards and men's product 🙂 just a vid idea.

  16. The Rose Reserve

    Charcoal powder is my obsession for teeth whitening! …I only do it in the shower though for the exact reason you mentioned a few times a week. It's also helpful to use an electric toothbrush for polishing. 🙂

  17. Jules Wick

    Hi Susan! I Love your videos and really value your advice and opinions! It was fun to see your “First Impressions” of these Best Sellers from Amazon, as I have heard of all of these and have been curious about them. I liked seeing them in action and hearing your initial thoughts. I know you mentioned that you would keep us in the loop about the products as you continue to use them over on IG (which is great)! It would be awesome to see a follow up where you really deep dive into these products once you’ve really tested them. Maybe you combine the videos? First impressions and then 4-6 weeks later how you feel?? Could be really cool to see if your feelings on the products changes or if the love at first sight vibe is still there. I have heard about all of these products for a long time and only ever purchased the Amazon Healing Clay…however, if you have them your stamp of approval after a true test I would 100% purchase them all!! Thanks for always making such valuable content and for being an trusted resource for all things Skincare!

  18. Vinson Huynh

    I wonder if she didn’t straight ironed her hair using the WOW dream coat, does it really work?

  19. Jasmin12

    Do you wet your face before the mask

  20. Gabbi P

    if she says the toothpaste is messy one more time 😖

  21. Simona Tasevska

    I was looking into writing a detailed review on the Indian Healing Clay as I seem to be a person amongst the very few other people that kinda have a bone to pick with this product as it happened to wreck chaos on my face.
    However, after seeing this video I am unsure if Susan pre-filmed the end part or it just happened naturally after using the clay mask, but am I the only one that sees that redness and irritation on her skin?
    I am torn between am I the one who's not using this product properly or it is just a complete mess of a clay mask.

  22. ebony alburdy

    If you mix in a large bowl adding the vinegar first then slowly add the powder while wisking fast, it won't clump.

  23. moni4peace

    I enjoy your videos and I think you have a lot of good information but I am conflicted about amazon. I too use to love amazon but I am troubled about their treatment of employees. Also The owner Bezos should pay taxes.I can't in good conscious support him.Maybe if enough consumers would speak out and boycott amazon perhaps he will be more socially conscious.

  24. Chara Ker

    So any update on the vitamin c serum? I didn't see anything on your instagram except for the update for the retinol..

  25. Haley Pickett

    Charcoal is bad for your teeth! It whitens them because it rubs away a layer on your teeth, and that will never grow back.

  26. Victoria Petsinis

    I purchased that vitamin C a few months ago and returned it after I broke out pretty bad within 3 uses. Could it have been too strong for me or do you think I just needed to give it a full 30 days?

  27. Alaina Artiles

    Please do an eva cosmetics review

  28. Doll Face

    My dentist said activated charcoal is not totally safe to use on our teeth. She said it can be abrasive and damage our enamel after a while.

  29. Doll Face

    I am very reluctant in buying beauty/skin care products in amazon because some of them are fake or counterfeit products.

  30. Regan Hulvey

    10-15 uses on the Aztec clay is way wrong! I have that same size container & have used it like 20 times & barely put a dent in it LOL I really like it!

  31. Leanadora

    I love watching your skincare videos and review… however… please note this WOW spray is made of two silicones, which means they are not water soluble and can build up in your hair, the only reason why it made them water resistant and non frizzy hair is because the polysilicone-29 and the silicone quaternium-18 are like a plastic film that coat your hair meaning it hide the damage but does not offer any hydratation or repair to the hair. See this product as someone putting foundation all the time without any skincare… this is what silicone is for our hair….

  32. How can people review something without using it for a month at least?!

  33. Hemontika Mukherjee

    "Water can dry your skin out."
    Gems found only on the internet. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  34. courtney howe

    N no t

  35. Lourdes mariel Peña

    the retinol cream that you recommended is not longer on amazon i couldn't find it can you please recommend others on amazon or any other place just to know which one is good

  36. Raymonde Plantin

    I can’t find the LilyAna Retinol in Amazon

  37. SpectacularVernacular

    This feels like an advertisement ..

  38. kenia

    You can get cheap charcoal toothpaste at TJ Maxx or Marshall's! Don't spend $20 wtf

  39. merriem matthew

    Just noticed some products on Amazon US are cheaper. It is selling Active Wow teeth powder at prices starting at AED 118 or around $30 in the UAE.

  40. Anna Welker

    Please do a review and thoughts on exfoliating with Amazon's silkworm cocoons (apparently it's a thing).

    P.s. you are my favorite and full of beauty knowledge 💗

  41. Jennifer Ram

    Have you ever tried Elizabeth Arden retinol capsules? AHHMAZING!

  42. RiseUpBlue

    Amazon is a horrible company, so if you can support local at all you should.

  43. Anne Noyer-Burdloff

    It is really rare for me to comment on a video but I have to say, people, pleeeeeaaaaaase, stop using charcoal, bicarbonate or lemon on your teeth! It doesn't actually whiten your teeth, it only has an abrasive effect. At first your teeth will look whiter because the abrasive effect will reduce the plaque, but in the long term, it will reduce the dental enamel. It has irreversible effect ! And I am not even talking about the negative effects it has on your gum as well. So for the health of your teeth, please stop using those "tricks" and go see a dentist who will give you the right advice 🙂

  44. Ruthy Moore

    7 dollar beauty products are even too expensive for me lol

  45. Kay Nguyen

    There’s a top comment on the retinol cream from amazon, it mentions the ingredient Phenoxyethanol. Is it really as toxic as the comment says? I have been considering this retinol since it’s number one on the site, but now I’m quite concerned about that ingredient… if anyone else knows, please chime in

  46. CrazyCat Lady101

    I know it says 10-15 uses on the label but I’ve used mine 20 times and I’ve only used about a third of it. It’s definitely worth the money

  47. Jasmin Davidson

    Susan! When would I apply the mask in a routine?!

  48. Shauna Lane

    god i wish i weren’t allergic to aloe

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