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  1. Alex Mimi

    Hi Debbie, please could you share more information on the hospital and all, would love to have for a family member

  2. Catherine Nancy

    I can relate with you so much!!! I felt like this surgery gave me my life back! And it set me free

  3. Catherine Nancy

    Giiiiirl! I got the same surgery! Those same
    People telling not to were the same people telling me not to! And those same people will be the first to tell you how amazing you look! Weight loss is for HEALTH it’s not to look good! You did that sis! And it’s not easy

  4. Miss Madeline

    Being consistent with your healthy lifestyle is not the easy way out. You are amazing not for loosing weight. But for sharing your life with strangers. You look beautiful.

  5. yemayee

    Yes , you look good girl! How are you coping with your body changes ? Loose skin?

  6. SabrinaStrawbs

    I had my sleeve June 2019 on the NHS. I’ve lost over 6 stone now. Would love to compare stories with u!!

  7. A.

    My sister needs this. Instead she wants a BBL and wears a waist trainer. I don’t understand why

  8. Becky Acquaye

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾thank you soooo much for your honesty and openness!! I love this video!! Given me sooo much insight and info!! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Naomi

    I’m really happy for you Debbie. You made a good decision and you look fantastic! If you’re still going through some things I pray God heals your heart and gives you peace but at least this is one goal ticked off your list. Well done!!

  10. Newsie62

    Awesomeness! You are doing great and looking great!

  11. LeoCha71 LeoCha

    People who claim that these surgeries are 'cheating' are insane, completely unaware of what the sleeve is for, I was diabetic for over 20 years, since my sleeve I have been off all meds, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol…. Don't dare take advice from anyone who says the sleeve is cheating, it's not. It's another tool, just like better eating and exercising

  12. Queen Milz

    I want to get it any recommendations for Arizona

  13. J L

    You could have just stopped stuffing your face which would have helped your health. U couldn’t afford cosmetic surgery anyway hence u got free weight surgery on the NHS

  14. Basilicà Yvonne

    You look great girl 😍😍😍😍

  15. Olivea Simpson

    Where did u go for the Surgery

  16. maryjane smith17

    What of when you get pregnant? Can you eat enough for you and your child ☹️

  17. Ade

    I don’t think lipo is a weight loss surgery. My friend did it years ago. They can only remove a certain amount of fat in certain areas. You have to be slim because all it does is reshape your body. To be honest there was much of a difference but she felt she had to do it but I could tell she was a little disappointed in the results.

  18. Ri Child

    Also you look amazing post surgery. The weight you lost shows. 🔥

  19. Ri Child

    Do you exercise regularly
    Do you plan on going on a diet to speed up weight loss before the 9 months is up
    How have things changed since the weight loss
    Are you concerned about loose skin
    Have you noticed a change in your metabolism
    Would you consider other surgeries now you are slimmer or are you happy with your shape post weight loss

  20. Ri Child

    Also the IV drip needle is called a cannula

  21. Ri Child

    I agree with this surgery so much. It’s not just for your looks but your health. Also bbls look trash

  22. sdvlt

    but do you feel deprived not being able to just binge?

  23. Theblackbumblebee

    I had surgery 20 years ago and l lost 120lbs. The best ever!! It's sad that l met top celebrities and athletes when l dropped the weight

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