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  1. Refinery29

    Have you ever heard of the this procedure? Let us know in the comments!

  2. Sarah Marshall

    How ridiculous and unnecessary.

  3. bella daniels

    I don't mind if people want to do this, but the way that seeing those things go in her lips made me cringe. I want to cry, idk why I clicked on this. I just hope at least the person feels happy about, even though I don't see the difference

  4. Vanla Xiong

    That shit still look the same LMFAOOOO

  5. I Drew This

    This looks so nasty it made me cringe so hard watching the thread go under her skin. No hate tho

  6. I Drew This

    The blondie looks like my French teacher


    I’m sorry excuse my language but this is stupid asf it looks the same😭

  8. Sofia Prendiville


  9. Fern Begaye


  10. Lil Zuplada

    I miss the ASMR sound effects BRING IT BACK

  11. Baby S

    they look like she had smaller lips before and got them injected awfully so now they’re the same size but look like a bad injection wtf

  12. Benji’s World

    She took your money sis you need to go back. I don’t see a difference except when she poked her lips out but no one is going to poke their lips out while they’re talking 🤦🏽‍♀️😶

  13. Valerie

    Lip liner would give the same result.
    I rewound the results to see if I missed something and NOPE, no difference 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Please listen to Jessie J’s song Queen 🙌🏼

  14. LocsLuv 90

    I can’t tell the difference

  15. Alexis Tijerina

    They look the same?????

  16. Just Me

    Her lips look exactly the same in the before and after.and now you are walking around with threads in your lips with no results.

  17. freyaeli

    There is definitely a slight change but nothing worth hundreds of dollars

  18. Azaharita

    Looks exactly the same

  19. HouseJug

    The recovery was quicker and easier than filler…. but I’d NEVER do it again beca it hurts so much…. 🤔

  20. Lindsey Christopher

    I love the video because I just really like seeing this stuff up close, but yeah… no difference.

  21. Danielle Tarrosa

    i just came here for the comments


    Looks exactly the same 😒

  23. Angela Ralm

    Straight up..No difference at ALL.

  24. aanya verma

    my face the entire video

  25. Gabrielle Hamilton

    What a nothing video.
    She didn't know she wouldn't get the results she wanted. She wouldn't do it again and I see no difference at all.

  26. Anthony _00

    She said she wants to empowering women with their own skin but she’s not confident with her own lips

  27. Felice C

    This just proves how important the mind is. She didn't like her lips before she got the surgery but after the surgery – of which I think did no change to her lips at all – she loved it.
    It's all a matter of how you define your own beauty.

  28. _moni

    She looks a bit like Este Haim!

  29. May Li

    Ohh, I can see the difference!

    In my bank account…😅

  30. Jenny RH

    This made my lips itch.

  31. Giulia Gia

    Come in RomNia, the Heaven of cosmetic surgery

  32. Delany

    she was disappointed lmao

  33. Go on n be great whicho lavender

    I thought they were going to sow her lips or sumn

  34. SpeakThyLove

    This seems (to me anyways) like it causes way more trauma than lip fillers. Dental blocks HURT so much. Also.. what if the body rejects the thread material? At least with lip fillers you can get a dissolvent.👀
    Sure the threads “dissolve” over time.. but come on. And.. the injection (that was a piercing but whatevs) used to create the hole for the thread to fit into, looks like it could leave a scar. Depending on how sensitive someone’s skin is to scarring. I think it’s great for women/men/anyone to want to feel more confident. If cosmetic enhancements help your confidence, go for it. It’s your body. Just be sensible about what kind of results you’re really going to get.👀

  35. Jada Tommy

    All that pain for nothing…

  36. Alejandra Nogueda

    I see no difference

  37. Kristina Dobyns

    imma just keep overlining my lips, sorry fam I'm out

  38. Alexis Fuentes

    No hate but its kinda ironic for the girl who's getting the fillers. She's into loving yourself but then she's doing plastic surgery.

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