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  1. The Glow Girl Tales

    Hello lovelies of my #ggtfamily i have made this video both in Hindi & English so pls check my description box for the link ♥️😊
    Lots of love ♥️

  2. Chinni Puppala

    Very useful video soumya Sis and wanted video… Thank you so much for this video 😍

  3. Maniya Sharma

    Plz so tell me the diet that i need to follow while m on periods with this exercise

  4. busy bee

    Can we do suryanamaskar during periods??

  5. Simple Si Girl

    Ap har workout me kehte ho is workout se itna loss hua utna loss….agar aisa hota apke sarir me ab tak thodisi bhi weight nahi honi chahiye

  6. Adan Mughal

    PLzzZ !! Myy w8 is 89 pLzzZ give me s0me tips … h0w I reduce myy w8,. My famiLy ix n0t all0wed f0r the jimM😭😭

  7. Adan Mughal

    N0, I can't d0 this ,bc0zzzZ … d0ct0rs said during peri0ds w0rk0ut is n0t best f0r.ur b0dy

  8. Madhu Sudha

    Can I do skipping in periods time plzz tellmee

  9. Moulina Mitra

    Thanks Somya… I am starting this today. And one request… make some video for those who are facing pain of bad knees… take care. God bless you.

  10. Pavithra Ravi

    3:33 !

  11. Noorul Asma

    How long to exercise a day

  12. Razin Mothi

    This is what iam really searching for,thank

  13. Rumana Khan

    Hii….can we do leg raise exercise during periods

  14. neha ansari khan

    Mere to pads hi idhr udhr ho jayege aur geelepan se mera man irritate ho jata h 🤪🤪 mai kya kru periods me nii ho pate exercise mere se 😶

  15. babe shark

    I don't have period cramps and pains (thanks to God in 1500 languages) but it feels so gross when I start sweating 😐

  16. Ifra Gull

    mre age 22 hy mn bhht exrcise walk krti hu mra wait km n hta 70 kg hy

  17. Sarah Arif

    Great video !! ☺

  18. Supriya Boggari

    Stop speaking so much before the content starts

  19. Noreen Usman

    Yr bola kam kro.. Bs kam ki bt kiya kro.. Daramay

  20. Amritpal Kaur

    Knee pain kese cure karey…

  21. jeeva d

    Hi, can we do the same exercise on other days?

  22. Nita Pankhaniya

    U r awesome ❤

  23. Shaik Asra

    Thank you

  24. dinesh Kumar dinesh Kumar

    Hi medam 🙏🙏 thank u soooo much…. pz tell me wrkot aftar looskins bellifayt pz pz…..

  25. Naznaz12 Naznaz12

    plz how to los out thaiz fat jo hip k nechy bani hti plz

  26. sachin katkar

    Hindi me samja dijiye

  27. Rosh MeenA

    How to loose belly side fat called love handles plz share a video

  28. Anju Anjali

    What time can we do this exercise ….I want to do evng can i

  29. Faizal Ahamed

    Please make a video for increase the height

  30. Epic fashion Collection

    I’m from Tamilnadu
    I’m a biggest fan…,u so active 😍😍

  31. labo khan

    Alhumdulillah it was really effective thanks to u ♥

  32. jasus world

    Hai I'm a malayalee

  33. far sana

    Love you sissy forever

  34. Mahwish NM

    Hey Somya can't tell you how much your videos help all the time as my backup when I'm lazy to go to the gym, every video is so easy and motivational. One thing I'd like to point is your exercises have always helped me with my sores muscles after training at the gym- be it this vid or the Surya namaskar 💜 bless you! Xoxo

  35. Umniya Khan

    Is it really safe to do these exercise during periods 🙄

  36. Shalini D N

    sister make a vedio to reduce Pcod by workout

  37. happy happiness

    most usefulllllllll video

  38. Adarsha Appina

    What is your Instagram page?

  39. harshita kumari

    Dd how may calorie will b burnt frm dis exercise…nd can b increase the no of reps…of these exercises

  40. Bhagya Sweety

    hi sister lot's of love from Bangalore .what your height and weight sister.

  41. Ritu Ghosh

    Thanks for this motivation

  42. kamana K

    Arthritis and full joint pain wale kaise waight loss kre plz reply

  43. Greatest Alive

    I can't move during periods due to heavy flow n your doing workout 💪😅

  44. Laboni singh

    This is impossible for girls having cramps… Dey cnt even walk properly due to excess pain n bleeding…

  45. keerthu krish

    I don't have cramps?? Can I do this?? Is hip thrust is recommendable??

  46. balaji priya

    if I do these exercise I am getting heavy bleeding didi

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