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  1. Refinery29

    Have you ever heard of the glass skin trend? What routine do you follow to get your glowiest skin?

  2. jezebel324

    I know its hard to appreciate when her skin is pretty flawless anyway (bless) but the results ARE pretty obvious and it looks GREAT. I definitely want to do this

  3. Ms. Rae

    This is the asian equivalent of bleaching. They want white skin for some reason. I wish they would be more direct in these videos about their objectives.

  4. blue sky

    That's the royal treatment for the face.

  5. The Skin Geek

    Love it! I want to get that facial too!

  6. AL W

    Is there a home version of this? Less expensive one??

  7. Misello schwein

    Sorry but I can't see the difference😂

  8. Naa Zuhry

    Brb buying glow recipe

  9. TheBIGOliveSoapCo

    am I the only one that thinks glass skin looks like oily skin?
    I have oily skin and i hate when i get that mid day grease face.

  10. EatandEat

    I usually don't breakout and I have good skin but the Pineapple-C serum from Glow recipe broke me out!! I just don't think the brand lives up to the hype 🙁

  11. Amina A

    that hair colour is beautiful

  12. Asim Ali

    You spent much money but they didn't remove blackheads from your Nose 😂😂😂

  13. Sourhoney

    when I first looked at the title I red it quickly and thought it said 'I got a glass facial'

  14. Laleh Rehmani

    So you send a girl with glass skin to a glass facial 🤔

  15. Alison Madalinski

    Omg, that looks soo nice! I've never tried a rubber mask before… But after seeing how glowy your skin looked after she took it off, I'm going to try those Dr. Jart ones… They MUST be worth the money!

  16. Dani Mark

    I really want to like this presentor but she is annoying AF! She keeps on pursing her lips for a pout and she talks like she is irrititated to look cool and hot Seriously, you aint hot!

  17. hcblue

    lmao the thumbnail looks like they put frosting on her face

  18. Caramel Subs

    Am i like the only one who doesnt like the glass skin trend? I dont like a shiny face

  19. TheDarkqueen

    She have a great skin so I don’t see the different

  20. Hemah Sri

    I'm jealous when I see ur hair color..wow that's so amazing

  21. Amina Messaoudi

    5:50 look at her body ,,u
    Just use filter to look.brighter 😐!!!

  22. Danny Lopez

    Lol open your eyes lmao 😆

  23. Lan Zhan

    i didnt even realise they did it on two different girls throughout the video

  24. Vanessa lopez

    She al ready have a good skin

  25. Maggie baby

    Your skin is looking brighter and toned.

  26. Meethi

    That's why I have trust issues

  27. A G

    That spf gave a white cast and kind of ruined it for me….

  28. Imani S. H.

    What kind of results do people expect to see? It’s a glass skin facial, not an acne extraction facial. Her skin was so much brighter and plumper in the after pic and she enjoys the pampering experience… the same reason why people bought Glossier, did nothing for me personally but the products are exactly as advertised and are loved by most people with clear skin. As long as they have the money and they personally think it’s worth the price, I don’t see what’s wrong.

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