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  1. colleen L.

    Sorry, I couldnt resist. tza-ziki

  2. Shelly K

    Your hair looks awesome! Very pretty 🙂 Your meals also looked amazing. That steak!!! Omg

  3. Bam Bam

    Are you still trying to loose weight or in maintenance?

  4. Royetta's Life

    Love your videos. They help keep me on track! I started keto 8 weeks ago and am down 42.6 lbs. I hope you all join my channel to support my journey!

  5. Tanya Perez

    Your hair looks 💣

  6. Kimmarie D.

    I went to physical therapy this morning even though I didn’t want to go. It’s my version of going to the gym 😂😂😂. Your hair looks fabulous 😉

  7. adhsnuggles

    Love your videos what are the 7 businesses you own?

  8. By Grace Beauty

    7 businesses?????😳

  9. Teri Brown

    your hair is looking fab 🙂 (my children say i can't say that word ) lol

  10. Holly M

    Getting pumped for the fast on Sunday!! Going to try to make it to 72hrs!! Practiced yesterday with a 24hr fast doing another one today!!😎💪🏋️‍♀️ I walk fast every day for 60 minutes..I cannot run due to an injury and lift weights mon,wed,fri

  11. Keto on a Budget

    I don't wanna do it, but I did it anyway! Hanging in for that last hour and 12 minutes on my 24 hour fast!!!

  12. O K

    Exactly. Most people never feel motivated to work out, so you do it regardless. Feelings are so unreliable.

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