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  1. Jenny Wu

    Yeah I knew the elf lipstick from Emily noel

  2. Melissa coviello

    Anyone else getting Kim K vibes from the nose contour girl?

  3. Nell Cannon

    I put my dirty blenders in the laundry with my whites.

  4. Sarah Price

    when did you get your dog???

  5. Korn Flakes

    As soon as i saw that mug i was oh no you cant put that in there bc of metal lol

  6. Sam Bricker

    Baby powder works really good for like dry shampoo I use that more then dry shampoo. There’s a Laundry soap called zote( the pink one not white) but that actually works really good to clean your sponges and any brush. You get it in the laundry detergent aisle kinda have to look for it but it’s a buck.


    Omg!!!!! Nooooooooooooooo waiiittttt DONT put THIS MUG in the MICROWAVE!!!!!!!!!! 😳😱😬😫

  8. Mikala Martin

    I think the lipstick this is cool especially if you’re a makeup artist so that instead of using your lipstick on someone you can pop the bottom off and use a brush with it! Or just have extra when you run out!!!

    Also with the beauty blender , make sure the water is soapy first and squish the beauty blender in the soapy water a few times to get it in there before heating it.

  9. Deirdre Hart

    Looooving this video idea! New content ideas for 2020!!! Yay!

  10. Mama Dukes

    Pauses video @13:02…screams noooooo, resumes video….too late! 😂😂

  11. MsDidas10

    Im going to try some of the makeup 🤞😃

  12. Melissa Moreno

    The bottom of the elf lipsticks are balms to moisturize your lips before applying the lipstick

  13. Kylie Dotson

    We used baby powder before dry shampoo was a thing lol.

  14. Suzy Woozy

    Metallic paint on mug might not be micro safe…takes 3 mins to boil water in microwave.

  15. Ryane Braning

    The hacked eyeliner looks better than the one she hand drew. Lol.

  16. ZIp_ Fandom

    for me the beauty blender hack worked for me

  17. Microfibers United

    me trying to remove the bottom on all my lipsticks after this video 😀

  18. Stephanie Lynita Elliott

    Ya last year i took off the bottoms of the E.L.f and i was like heck yeah

  19. Candice Micele

    😂 was waiting for that mug to start ⚡️

  20. Col Hammond

    The nose contour looks great

  21. amanda cook

    The lipstick tester cap literally BLEW MY MIND 🤯 Whhhaaaaat!?!

  22. Lucy Bain

    I did not know these hacks
    So cool
    love this ❤

  23. Brooke Clark

    My mind was blown with the lipstick!!

  24. Cassidy Cripps

    The blender hack does work, at least for me. I used a Tupperware bowl and add dawn dish soap. I put it in for 90 seconds and it comes out cleans

  25. simply klemicks

    P.s glad you were looking in the microwave but I've heard it's not good to look in microwaves as they go something about it not being good for your eyes

  26. Shayna Kerr

    Kelly I tried the same last hack the other day BUT you used the wrong soap. The video you watched had blue soap, as did mine which is the Dawn dish soap. I tried it with and without the dawn dish soap and it only works with the dawn dish soap. Try it again with Dawn and remember the correct cup 😉😅

  27. Chelsea Slone

    The lipstick on the bottom is for the brush method to get sharper lines

  28. Jennifer Sanchez

    I have tried the microwave sponges cleaning and what I do after I have put it in and took it out I squeeze out the product in the warm water and I think it help alot to clean out the foundation from the sponge

  29. Sarah Davis

    Maybe you mention it at some point and I haven't gotten that far yet… but do you have drawn on baby hairs? Lol

  30. priscilla L

    That nose contour thing made her nose look too long and slightly crooked I like her original way better

  31. Heather Melcher

    You’re supposed to squeeze the beauty blender after you microwave it… it actually helps to sanitize it as well! 🙂

  32. Carmelita Jaymes

    omg!!!! u cant put that gold in the microwave!!!!! i tried yelling at u before u hit start but u didnt hear me! lol

  33. apaul859

    The bottom of my elf lip exfoliator comes off too to sample the product! Never knew that lol

  34. Bernadett Orosz

    We’ve always used regular baby powder as a dry shampoo alternative in Europe. You really don’t need to buy a setting powder for that hack as long as you have baby powder in handy.😃

  35. arletteross

    You look amazing girl ❤️💜❤️💜 love y'all

  36. Jessie Baatz

    Baby powder works just as well for your hair, and it's cheaper

  37. amanda williams

    I'm so glad you didn't blow up your microwave! 😳 When I saw what mug you were using I said, "I don't think that mug is microwave safe." The gold handle, gold trim and gold lettering was a BIG sign that that mug was not microwave safe. I hope your super cute mug is not damaged!

  38. Miranda Fisher

    Those hacks were actually pretty useful. Except almost blowing up your microwave over a beauty blender lol.

  39. Veronica Rocha

    You have to rinse the makeup sponge to see but work*;0)

  40. Violet Maggs

    U need to put it on for 3 minutes and use olive oil and soap and then do the mixture and use for your makeup brushes too this is amazing sweetie I do xx

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