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  1. Edgar's Makeup

    Hola everyoneeeeee ♥
    I hope you enjoyed my update video on the Tati Beauty blendiful + a little 10 minute challenge. PLEASE make sure to follow me over on Instagram if you a baddie hehe! https://www.instagram.com/edgarsmakeup/

    I'm getting my life together and uploading more frequently for you. Expect at least two videos a week this year! xoxo
    love u mucho

  2. Sarah.de.paula

    Try rubbing it on a soap bar

  3. LJ Jang

    There’s something about washing sponges and brushes. So satisfying.
    IG: rosecityseoul

  4. j kv

    Amazing makeup! jkivira12

  5. Anna Zambrano

    Gastaste demasiado tiempo en polvo me dió ansiedad hahahah te hubieses fijado todo el rostro rapidito bronzer blush iluminador labial y Rimmel o bueno máscara de pestañas ahhaha buenísimo !!!

  6. Maria Noguera

    Love your channel! ❤️ @mafernoguerap

  7. TikiHi77

    I use Dr. Bronner's unscented aka baby, soap. Cleans everything.

  8. Christina Molina

    I really like that she brought back an “old school” product / blender! You are cracking me up! Don’t beat hour face up! Tap lightly! 😂😂😂love this video. I like it when you beautiful gurus do challenges. It just shows your talent!!!
    💋💄💋 After the day I had, this really made me smile! Thank you!!!!! 😘🥰😘

  9. Nicole Szarkowski

    Omg this is me everyday right down to forgetting the concealer under one eye!!!! But I never look as good as you!

  10. Michael Svengali

    All the gunshots had me dead!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Yesenia Robles

    Dr. Bronners castile soap works best to dissolve makeup off of tools

  12. Jade Mount

    I love ur vids so much ur friggin adorable but my ig is jademarie10278 be cool to win could u sign it too so I gotcho autograph lol is that cheesy lol but ur chill as hell fr

  13. Nicté Camila Lara

    Try the jabon ZOTE for your brushes or sponges🥰

  14. Heather Ann

    Still debating on whether I want the blendiful it looks promising though love the video!
    IG heatherann223

  15. Empress S

    10 minutes! Impossible for me I beat for 50 minutes MINIMUM. I clean my sponges & brushes with a hint of oil mixed with baby Johnson’s shampoo cleans spotless💕


    @isabel_1229 ☺️💞

  17. charmy sharma

    m new to your channel, u r amazing

  18. Karin S.

    Put it in a little netbag and clean it in the washing machine at about 60 C

  19. Raquel Razo

    New sub here im already obsessed with you

  20. Ghiovanna Bernal

    Shut the damn water off bro

  21. Katie Hahn

    Another way to clean the blendifull is using the E.L.F charcoal sponge cleaner. It worked awesome on my blendifull. You don’t have to work that hard on it.

  22. Let'sGetGlam !

    My Instagram is seirra.cruse91

  23. Melissa R

    Ok I’m for sure buying it luv thanks 😊 IG:love_melly7

  24. Ulzzang Beauty

    I just can't imagine having to hand wash that thing every day if I wanted to use it everyday. With my beauty sponges I just throw them in a cup and wash them all at once at the end of the week. I have no doubt the Blendiful does what is says but it is just not worth $18 to me.

  25. Eeka

    This is soooooo fun!!! Will definitely subscribe and enjoy future videos.

  26. sandra d

    🙂 nice @sdanis1983

  27. Brigida Olmsted

    I've been using shape tape for more of a spot coverage instead of foundation…..and I'm sooo tempted to do this😜😜

  28. Brigida Olmsted

    Theres literally an apocalypse going on outside, cars crashing, gunshots, and you just keep on bouncinnnn 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Brigida Olmsted

    I dont think dragging is good with the blendiful! I think patting gives the best, most full coverage, look!

  30. Brigida Olmsted

    I'd rather be starving and looking glam🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 boooooy you cray and I fuckin love that shitttt

  31. Brigida Olmsted

    You should put yours between towels and press the water out! That's what I did, and mine was immediately dry!

  32. Brigida Olmsted

    I use tea tree Oil shampoo to wash all my brushes and sponges! I have hella sensitive skin(I cant even use dryer sheets) and I love how clean it gets my tools, and how amazing they smell after🥰🥰

  33. Brigida Olmsted

    I've never seen your videos, but I just subscribed after you said this was a collaborative thing for you with your fans. THATS AWESOME 👏👏👏👏 I love creators who appreciate!

  34. Sarah Hood

    Thanks for the fun video. I’d love to enter your giveaway. My Instagram is @sarahkellyhood

  35. Sylvia Crafts

    💩🤯🧠🕳️🤕💀👻😁🧟hope no one got shot.

  36. Sylvia Crafts

    Yeah, that's pretty much gonna be a product waster🧟so, you best put some new products in your cart😁

  37. D. B.

    Does it need to be washed every single time?
    IG @dolphinskicboxer

  38. Christine Ryan

    Yes, thank u for actually showing how u wash it. Did u get streaks like some others did?
    Ig: christineryan32
    Twitter: Christi98044517

  39. Andrea Amezquita

    This was fun to watch. Ig dreaamez

  40. Peter Candela

    I am having a hard time getting an answer but I'll try here in curious to know if this feels like it is comparable to a nice fake tanning mitt!? I have a feeling that was her inspiration in creating

  41. Chloe-Belle's Cottage

    I purchased mine and used it once, I washed it and the f$&@ thing is coming apart! I am soooo disappointed. I’ve never had issues such as this?!

  42. breanna ruvalcaba

    Watching you clean the blendiful was so satisfying 😂 your last video convinced me to buy one it came in yesterday 🥳

    @breanna___ruvalcaba (3 underscores) 😅

  43. Andrea Condeza-Viran

    Sooo funny to watch 😂😂😂

  44. Cindy Diaz

    I really need that speed button cuando im washing dishes😂
    ig: looksbyloli

  45. CambriasCorpse

    Edgar…. HOW BIG IS THAT CANDLE BEHND YOU? Cause gurrrrrrl! That thing looks as big as that dragunbeauty egg!

  46. Ellen Flood

    Loved this onnneeeee x amazing!! ❤❤ instagram:ellenxoxflood

  47. Teresa Barney

    Great video concept with the washing of the blendiful as well as the ten minute challenge. You mentioned meds use for acne. Just wondering if you have ever tried Differin. It used to be prescription but is now OTC. My kid struggled with acne and we did proactive for a while which worked and then it didn't. Someone told me about the Differin so we tried that and it worked great! Thought I would throw it out there. And OMG ten minutes for just face and no eye or lip basically. I can't really knock it though. It takes me 45 mins min to do make-up and that's not doing anything special. Eek!

  48. The Beauty Machine MUA

    So glad you posted a follow up about the cleaning side of it.
    Also enjoyed this type of 2 part video!
    Sending support luv! 💜
    Entering your giveaway my insta handle is @TheBeautymachinepromua .

  49. Nikoya Collier

    Finally!!! A follow up video! Dig it!

  50. Stacy Kay

    New subscriber, thanks for being honest with your review! Fingers crossed about the give away @stacyecampbell 🤞🏼

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