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  1. SimpleTips Anwesha

    I saw difference of few inches. Full video on IF diet ke pros & cons,. Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/simpletipsanwesha/

  2. Priyanka Cambow

    mam mujhe digestion ki bht prb hsi kya kru

  3. Rehnuma Tarannum

    Which lipstick have you applied? Or it's the natural colour of your lips? 😍

  4. Sakshi Sah

    Arey you okay? You look quite a bit low and unhappy 😕

  5. zaiba banu

    Can v have tender coconut in fasting period

  6. rajesh paka

    You may use the fat burner while following the diet in the video. Link to the product : https://amzn.to/2L97I9s

  7. Mridu Fogla

    Di please make a video on matcha tea..

  8. Hazal Kaya

    Can i loose weight without workout.. Bcoz i don't have much time for this…
    Plz reply


    Hi di….am from Kolkata….I want to tell you that you inspiring me a lot in just 2 days and have taken a decision to go for workout and have started today at the morning….done all your suggested work plan…thank you so much

  10. danish Khan

    Di kya apka pcos khtm ho gya…..

  11. Mehnaz Aryana

    U are always unique and informative 👍👍👍

  12. Ankita Biswas

    Thank you so much Dii😘😘😘😘

  13. Pooja Verma

    Didi does college going girls follow this diet?

  14. Arpita dwari

    Maam….ei diet e breakfast 11 am er age morning time ki green tea / lebu jal/ ACV ki khete pari

  15. Faiza Meer

    I want to conceive
    Can i do intermitten ?

  16. angry bird


  17. angry bird

    Pregnancy k baad Achanak se skin bohot oily hogayi kya iski wajah se pores hogaye plzz help me didii

  18. angry bird

    Mai Aapka channel starting se follow Kar rahi hu . pregnancy k baad Achanak small pores dikhre the face par.abb Woh abb large pores Mai convert horahe hai .dermat se bhi consult Kiya tretinoin cream bhi use karrahi Hu 4 months se Kuch fark nahi horaha aap ne APNI starting ki video Mai bataya tha k aapko bhi large pores the .plzz mujhe Kuch suggest kijiye .kya yeh possible hai k open pores chale Jaye plzzz helppp mee 😰😰😰😰😰

  19. Nandita Roy

    Can I follow 2 to 10 pm.As I m office going

  20. Mr. Ravi

    I Will try it

  21. SSZ Life

    I love your cup😜

  22. Samiya Izhar

    Can we have detox water during fasting??

  23. Sunidhi Verma

    Mam please make a video on how to improve gut health? Badly need this🙏🙏

  24. Riya Sharma

    I don't know why but I'm addicted to your channel 😍😍😘

  25. Yamini Saini

    Anwesha can't we find these tea bags on amazon or flipkart? Also can we replace these by any other tea?

  26. Anupama Tripathy

    Is it beneficial then Rujuta Diwakar diet plan..

  27. suriya 93

    Ur already Super fit then u r u starving this much

  28. Happy baby and me

    Before 11am can i take water or suger free milk tea during intermittent fasting

  29. broad minded

    Ma'am whats your monthly grocery bill?

  30. vicky dahiya

    Intermittent fasting worked well for me.

  31. Sheetal Joshi

    Hey anwesha, today is my 5th day of IF and it's amazing

  32. Kirti Soni

    Iss tea ko ghr pe kese bna saktey hai

  33. Minakshi Sharma

    These tea looks very expensive some other way please tell

  34. golpo কথা

    hi.. ma'am plzz help..me..I need your help…I m girl of 20yrs old…n I don't have any disease like… thyroid…n all but my present wait is 82 kg…how can I reduce it??

  35. Moumita Chakraborty

    Can I take my morning drink like zeera water or apple cider vinegar in the morning before my eating window?

  36. Asiya Hassan

    I tried it last week it makes me lazy. I am not satisfied. I lost 7kg last month but this diet ruined all my schedule

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