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  1. Cheyann Lynch

    I ordered! 🖤

  2. C Cruz

    Looks amazing! I can't wait for mine to arrive!

  3. Inbal Rejwan Day

    This is the perfect look to test out the pallet. I am going to recreate it when I get mine.

  4. Inna Brooks

    Ordered mine the day it came out.
    I used after pay.

  5. Linzi Welsh

    I ordered it, wish it would ship already!

  6. Maddie James

    originally, i ordered this pallete for my sister as a christmas gift. but i found out she already bought it for herself, so merry early christmas to me!! lol

  7. Leash B

    You look stunning with that pink glitter with that lip colour Kelly!!!

  8. Jamie XO

    Love this look @kellystrack 💖🔥 I’m obsessed.

  9. Leash B

    The glittery ones are life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jennifer Debolt

    Gosh I can’t wait to play with mine !

  11. Karen Jess

    Wow! Beautiful eye look!😍

  12. Just Julia

    Ordered mine 4 minutes after launch!

  13. Jara Danielles

    I bought mine literally like at 10:00pst. I can wait. Oh and Kelly I agree this palette screams to my basic love of neutrals.

  14. Danielle Howard

    Wow !!! Beautiful I so want this palette xxx

  15. Shanna Hill

    I refreshed my browser at 12:00 EST and was checked out by 12:07 EST. I got my shipment confirmation on Saturday and shrieked!!!!

  16. Mandy R

    Love this look!

  17. Miss Nancy Pants

    Ordered!! Yay!..

  18. Jaime Roberts

    This look is absolutely stunning can’t wait to do this on me when i get mine 💖

  19. Jaime Roberts

    I ordered mine waiting for shipping confirmation so excited love her and I know I’m going to love her beauty line

  20. denise arcara

    I ordered this palette can’t wait to get it congratulations Tati to selling out

  21. Emily Herr

    Yes, I ordered this palette and it's on the way here! I see they are sold out now, so I'm happy I ordered right away. Never been more excited for a makeup release in my life!

  22. Kimberly Diaz

    Love how are you said your neutral girl. Call me basic, boring. IDK yes girl. I'm the same way.

  23. Araceli Bravo

    I ordered same day it launched. It took me less than 10 mins… stocked👍

  24. Melissa Ely

    I ordered it the second it came out and thankfully I did cause it sold out fast! I had to wait 15 mins in the checkout line but it went through and now it’s on its way! I can’t wait to play with it! BTW… you look beautiful! 😁

  25. Laura Grimsley

    I literally have never been more excited to get my hands on a palette!!! I can’t wait for mine to come in!!!!

  26. Joy Taylor

    Where do you buy this palette?

  27. Molly Flowers

    Such a gorgeous eye look!!!

  28. Terry Vickery

    Yes yes yes. I ordered it the moment it was available. I cant wait to receive it

  29. Michael A

    I was so sad at first when you put the sooth glitter over poet because i thought it looked SO good on it's own, but I could definitely see some of that red/purply tone underneath 🙂 Beautiful look!

  30. Court Brucker

    Oh, and one more thing, you need to add a shirt to your collection that reads "Obsessed!". 😉

  31. Court Brucker

    Do they have falsies for the lower lid? I did a search, but the response was, to say the least very vague and left me with more questions. Can you help with this and if you have some that you use, please share any info on your favorite.

    Thank you!

  32. Jackie James

    I did order mine😍😍😍so excited and can’t wait to receive mine!! Love your channel and your review!!!

  33. tehzeeb rana

    Hi guys. I just think I need to point out that Tati or tatti means toilet or shit in my language. 🤪

  34. Gabriel Lewis

    Wow! You look so stunning! Can't wait to get mine to use on clients!! Love Tati and you!! I trust you 100 percent!!

  35. Deborah Smyrl

    I wasn't sure if I was going to buy this palette but after seeing this video I HAVE to have it!!! I'm sold!

  36. Maria Khiami

    Omgggggggg waawww

  37. KatieCornell

    There is nothing boring or neutral about this look, Kelly… it is your most GORGEOUS! Whoo look at that shimmer and shine of those glitters!

  38. Leila A


  39. Nitte Sommer

    My boyfriend just lost his job so we do not give each other Christmas gifts, otherwise he will have bought this for me ❤️ I almost never use makeup anymore, but this palette is just, the most interesting I have ever seen and I love Tati, she is so amazing. Love love the look you done, you look just stunning

  40. Jill Haberer

    Wow! How have I missed what beautiful eye you have? I think that look makes them pop even more than normal. I hope your hubby took you somewhere special. You are running. Yes I bought the palette. I’m exited to play with it.

  41. G Beautyyy

    The look you created is beautiful 😍

  42. Rhiannon Spritzer

    it looked so effortless and quick to make a stunning look.

  43. G Beautyyy

    Yes I also got myself a palette ♥️ we support Tati she has a heart of gold. 😍😘

  44. Ace Hardy

    Taking notes 📝

  45. lisamarien beauty

    This palette looks so gorgeous. Ive been waiting for her to bring her own line out

  46. Iris Haggai

    You look stunning!!! New subscriber, thanks Tati <3

  47. Mad Kill

    This palette is mostly for those that go out often or like to wear glitter often. For me this is not a palette that I can use because glitter is not really my jam, I'll just wait for a better palette to come out. Although I have so many that the colors that comes out more likely I already have….

  48. GreenEyed Texan

    Yep, already ordered 😍

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