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  1. kalisha jones

    First off congratulations on your first pr package and I hope this is the first of many. Second, your skin looks so flawless and smooth!! This look is gorgeous, I love it!! I haven't tried this brand but damn I need to. Your edges look cute, it takes practice but you'll get it. 💜

  2. LifeOf Blancs

    Giiiirl that is not gross at all, I only wash my hair ONCE a week 😂😂

  3. Kim Baker

    Yesss… to washing the hair less, I only wash mine once a week. Let me just give a little advice to you younger ladies from a 54 yo woman with a full head of pretty thick, long hair, that goes down to my tailbone and has a low hairline, take out those rubber band ties, scrunches, anything that is ripping your hair out of your hairline, only wash your hair when it’s absolutely necessary and keep any hot hair contraptions away from your hair. I no it’s a little much but if you want to keep your hair healthy and strong, there good guidelines to live by.

  4. Irene Morales

    Cute easy look♥️ I wash my hair once a week. I have frizzy curly hair, for that reason I wash it once a week. I air dry with a lil anti frizz shine oil. Flat iron & I’m good. Love your vids 💕

  5. Ana Leon

    Always know with oh!mglashes we get the honest reviews loved the video and yes I’m the same I at the most wash my hair 3 times a week again loving your intro 💕

  6. Lluvia Escutia

    Beautiful base but what about the wear? Im interested to know if everything wore great because if it didn't then its a huge pass….

  7. missdanijade

    You look really pretty

  8. Johnnel Adderley

    Hey mama your edges are very nicely layed, love it😜.
    Beauty Bakerie wins hands down with their adorable packaging…but the foundation/concealer and powder combo looks flawless on your skin, wow😍😍👍🏽. Fortune Cookie is such a stunning lip shade, too bad the stickiness didn't go away😕.
    Hope you had a great night with the family😁!!!

  9. Lovely Pearls

    Dang it now I have to go try out this foundation 😫

  10. Naturally Beautiful

    So pretty! I just wanted to add, not washing your hair every day not nasty. It’s a to each is own type of thing. Everyone’s hair can’t handle being washed everyday.

  11. Monika Ramirez

    Can you do a updated hair routine? I wash my hair everyday and I know it’s not good 😫 I just can’t help but wash it every time I’m in the shower. Do you use dry shampoo? What’s some hair products do you recommend? Mine gets so oily when I don’t wash it and I hate it!!

  12. LOVE

    Highlightis beautiful

  13. K R

    I love this video but wish you came back and showed how everything wore for the rest of the day ! And I feel you on not washing your hair everyday 👌blow dry bar baby. Lol.

  14. Pauline Gomez

    Thank you for reviewing beauty bakery! Your makeup looks so flawless. Edges are LAID!

  15. Johanna Burton

    Ahhh love the look! Definitely want to try this brand

  16. xrysa vidali

    I totally agree about the washing thing about the scalp 2 times/week. My dermatologist recommended , because i had hair loss from my Hashimoto disease and scalp acne .. Once you go that way, you will see immediately results. XOXO's girl keep doing exceptional job!

  17. lupe m

    What dry shampoo or hair product do you use between washes?

  18. Alicia Victorious

    here for this review!

  19. Maria Isabel Gardea

    When your lips se quedaron pegados 😆

  20. Amanda Spears

    You slay your edges better than I can

  21. Cynthia Mondragon


  22. Gbaby Glam

    I love the little arch in your eyebrows today 😍 I’m so curious how you’d look with a different shape 😍

  23. makeupbysheduly

    Thank you for sharing this with us! Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!! ❤

  24. Meybel Medrano

    I was waiting for you to sing " welcome to Makeup Monday" lol 😅❤️

  25. Marissa Madison

    Sooo beautiful omg 💖

  26. Chardonnay Dru


  27. Kymstar *

    Love this look, simple but gorg 💖💖

  28. Madai

    Omg finally you tried it 🥰 been wanting to see your review on it 😘

  29. LeNeLuvz Sparklez

    You’re getting better at laying your edges I use a firm toothbrush and got2be glued gel I just put a small amount on the brush and start laying them down in “swoops” lol

  30. ksx. vang

    Wow flawless. Bit on the higher end but I have to try soon!! Love your content as always. 😍

  31. Simone_Diva

    Ya face looks flawless sissy but I haven’t tried b bakery yet but some ppl have different opinions about it. ❤️❤️

  32. Isela Garcia

    Beautiful Queen 👑💞

  33. Jennifer Maldonado

    I LOVE the Beauty Bakerie Flour powder! It’s been one of my faves for over a year now. So glad you tried out the foundation and concealer. I’m interested in trying them out too. ❤️❤️ I also LOVE the Fenty powder and even though I’m more oily/combo but it also dries out my under eyes so I use it for my chin and forehead.

  34. Chavanna Peele

    The Makeup Is Flawless🌺🌺🌺💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  35. Neftali Galaviz

    I’ve always wanted to try it 😻 I only buy the things you recommend . I know it’s an honest Review 🙏

  36. Chavanna Peele

    U Slayed Them Edges Hunni💕💕💕💕💕💕🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. Moni

    I’ve been waiting for you to do a review on beauty bakerie!! Plus I love that you and I are basically the same skin color so now I have an idea of the color foundation & concealer to get for myself!🥰


    I love this look!!!! Hope you're doing well love 😘😍

  39. Angel Galvan

    I haven’t watched the whole video but Ive been eyeing them for a while now amd the packaging is so adorable but there’s not to many reviews on them! 😔 thank you for this review!

  40. Cary Fernandez

    What are some of your favorite false lashes? Love your videos❤

  41. Karen E.

    Bomb 💣😍

  42. jazzie fizzle

    Hey girl I always wanted to see how there products were and u def. Delivered.

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