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  1. Hannu Santaharju

    i never burb, heh ?

  2. xHaniffax

    The prices of your tests are disgustingly extortionate. Completely spoilt in the UK having the NHS but this is essentially preying on people who are out of options.

  3. ShaiN N

    could u make a video about cannabis (thc) and the brain/ memory

  4. Shu

    Video starts at 0:39

  5. Michael Kjær

    Awesome content, really appreciate you making this.

  6. Romain Vareille

    Hi gojiman, cool video, my doctors thinks I can have gord because I have an inflamed amygdala and red throat with no symptôme of cold… It's true that I ve been struggling with intense stress in August and September, and could be possible it affected my stomach acidity, but I don't see any symptome of gord, I don't cought at night, no excessive gas, no discomfort or reflux after eating… So I don't know. On the side he prescribed me a blood test, which seems fine except a low white blood Cell (at 3,35) and what I find to be low protide serum 61g/L (vr 65-80) and specially alpha 2 globulin at 5 (vr 5,10-8,50) and gamma globulin at 7,35 (vr 8-13,5). Is this bad news for my health, is the total protide too low and if yes could it come from a poor digestive system? I do consume a lot of protein rich food like tempeh, tofu, lentils, beans and so I don't understand why so low value…

  7. lightdark00

    Floating stools are the good ones that aren't heavily packed and moved out before the flatulations happened.

  8. Arall Skiant

    3:30 quinoa?? So anything really lol even pasta.

  9. Jérémie Schlögl

    Can somebody teach me how to burp?
    I was never able to…

  10. Tim B

    Here's the way I think about it, given that the gastroesophageal (GE) valve closes fully only when stomach acid levels are high enough:
    High stomach acid=closed GE valve, resulting in no reflux or heartburn. Medium stomach acid=open GE valve, resulting in burning reflux and/or heartburn. Low stomach acid=open GE valve, resulting in watery reflux and unnoticeable heartburn.

  11. ricciraptorhawk

    My four-year-old often has pale stools that sometimes float. I have always wondered if he has had some digestive issues… I am skeptical that a pediatrician would respond to my concerns but perhaps I should try.

  12. Jaden Squires

    Thank you, I love how informative your content is!

  13. Antinatalist Vegan

    Interesting… What does it mean if you NEVER burp? Have no problems with production of gas at the other end though 💨

  14. Dome Karl

    In deutschland: er meint nicht backpulver sondern reines natron!

  15. D MM


  16. Janel Meier

    My doctor had me try the HCL test. I didnt even finish the test bc I got up to 12 capsules at a time and still didnt experience any burning or acid reflux. I didnt want to take any more than that so I quite. Clearly I have little to no stomach acid. I just sent in a SIBO breath test kit to the lab. Im now anxiously awaiting the results.

  17. Kristers Krūka

    I used to experience heartburn and acid reflux frequently when i used to eat animal foods to a point where i would feel it in my throat, though since going plant based i haven't had them at all.

  18. chozart88

    Your channel has been a godsend, especially here in the US where our healthcare practitioners are siloed and often belittle the value nutrition plays in augmenting or exacerbating gut function on individual cases. Your videos have helped me become more informed and advocate for myself as I try to navigate my gut issues, and this video in particular speaks to my experience. Thanks so much.

  19. Discovering DIY

    Very useful. Thanks👍

  20. Miroslav Ananiev

    Does the sesame seed test give any good information about our digestion? 1spoonfull unhulled sesame seeds in a cup of water on an empty stomach? Transit time? Sorry if already discussed.

  21. Miroslav Ananiev

    Thanks GMan keep up the good content!

  22. Vincent Michaels

    can sibo be a cause for low stomach acid? Thank you for your videos!!

  23. Gabe 111

    Low stomach acid can be the cause of pale stool?

  24. Rob Smith

    Roll on 6am😂x

  25. Allan Bruno Petersen

    Isn't it a bit problematic just taking in baking soda on empty stomach? -I would expect stomach acidity to fall and then cause problems with the following breakfast? -If not already a problem in and of it self?

  26. Adi

    First I guess

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