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  1. Lune

    Thank you.

  2. TheCherryThing

    Shes so sweet, thank you for talking about this♡

  3. simplycbh

    I hope this helps someone. I hope she got counseling and worked through her childhood. He’s literally a butcher

  4. cat pink

    I kinda miss the girly Venus

  5. Amanda Rodriguez

    I’m so happy you made this video! People need to be aware of these types of the surgeries and the dangers. Love you Venus!!!! <3

  6. henshu zumi

    before I am just your ghost viewer back in years when you’ve started youtube but now because of this video Venus, my views changed you are really an Angelic. Now I am your fan after these passed years. You did a great decision ☺️❤️

  7. Kitty Galaxy

    em chào chụy em em ước gì em được như chị 1 lần😔😔😔 mong chị thả tim cho em yêu chị 💓💓💓

  8. wolfgang Kurosaki

    Venus I admire you so much. I love everything about you, you're so talented you can speak 7 languages, your personality, your realness, you're very beautiful inside and out and, what I love most is you know you've made mistakes in the past and you own up to it you're so real and I love watching your personal progress and how much you've changed since 2015 you've came so far Venus. I'm more than proud of you for that! I would love to send you a care package that would make me so happy!💟 I suffer from mental health as well so I relate to you so much. Keep your head up beautiful. 💗

  9. Mrhollywood Ps4

    Your not Korean… cut the accent. Just disrespectful


    Please have a beautiful day today. X

  11. Nah I am just normal

    8:26 i came loking for gold ..i found diamont haha perfect spanish xd pronuncia mejor español de como hablan mis compañeros de clase

  12. Ginny D

    I watched this video when it first came out and now watching it, it’s a good reminder that just because i hate my body doesn’t mean that I should go and do something reckless to feel better about it

  13. steven zobel

    High Venus I think what you just did in this video by coming out with this will help others to reconsider that sort of thing with weight loss surgeries and stuff when a person doesn't need it you know it took a lot of Courage on your part to do so and going with going through it and thinking it over and still praying for you have a blessed day talk to you later

  14. Nonya Bees wax

    You are very brave.

  15. bree davidson

    You have been through so much. You are so strong and brave. I'm glad you're healthy now and have learned and shared your story for others!

  16. Lea Romeih

    I think your really brave for posting this video, it takes a lot to talk about topics like this and I think you’ve enlightened a lot of people about weight loss and how you’ve dealt with it. People often times think YouTube creators have perfect lives but they really don’t and we don’t realize they have problems too. I’m also very glad that you’ve accepted yourself and appreciate yourself for what you are. Your videos make so many people so happy and because of that you should feel great about yourself. So many people love you ❤️

  17. Just A Guy Production

    It must be difficult for Venus to watch this video again, but she's very brave for uploading it again.

  18. Prabu Siliwangi

    Uayune reeekk.. 😍😍

  19. NJPW Girl

    Just so y'all know, this is a REUPLOAD

  20. burningplumbranches

    i hope you're still doing well and staying strong. i love you girl!! xoxo ❤✨✨🦄

  21. edgy cruz

    I don’t care what other people say about me but when my parents say something negative about me like I’m fat it just crushes my whole soul

  22. Marissa Oztekin

    I'm glad that you're more comfortable with yourself now!

  23. 솔솔

    Heart breaking

  24. Anna Carmela Rodrigo

    Don't worry I won't judge.. Thank you for being so honest.. Lotsss of love from Philippines. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Cam Xx

    I am so glad you survived all of this!

  26. 千影白

    Obviously i respect your decision, but your stomach doesn't really absorb the nutrients, your intestimes do. The stomach churns it and kills bacteria. But it's ok, no hate whatsoever,

  27. Revengestar

    Meanwhile her mom is posting some serious psychotic videos. Glad you are away.

  28. Suzie Seiya

    I’ve been watching your videos since day 1 and have seen you grow so much Venus I’m very proud of you for all the shit you’ve gone through and survived, you are a warrior!!

  29. Timothy Messer

    This was a very scary story to hear, but even though I m not subscribed to you… I am very glad you are still here to express what you learned from all of this. I don't know you, but I care about you as a person. I do wish a ton of success and happiness moving forward. You seemed have really come out of all of this with a hard learned lesson, but over all with a good warning message to others and a better outlook on life. You were very lucky and do hope you are happier. Thank you for sharing this experience.

  30. Hallyu Noona

    I sort of understand what you've been through. The same thing happened to me. For 7 months I was throwing up right after eating. I couldn't eat or drink anything. So I also had to go to the hospital a lot because I would be dehydrated and had low blood sugar. And I lost a total of 90 lbs. But it was all because I had gallstones.

  31. Наталка xx

    This is horrifyingly sad. Venus. I love you. I wish I could hug you all day and take care of you.

  32. Utsukushi_Rebornhimanwari Bista-Reboron

    Body dysmorphia is a thing its a condition where you can and think that no matter what about your flaws and you perceive it to be alot worse than it is and it causes you to be anxious and paranoid venus angelic there is nothing wrong with you at all just learn to be happy with yourself physically mentally and emotionally even if you have to look in a mirror for example and tell your body i love you

  33. Lona stay

    I'm not wasting my time on this reupload again 👍👍

  34. black littlecat

    I hope you can get better

  35. Son Çiçek

    You are so courageous to share all this, wish you a healthy life ❤️

  36. Mandapants x

    That doctor is horrible i hope hes in jail too now

  37. Mandapants x

    I'm worried Eugenia Cooney is still stuck like this and idk if she will realuze in time 🙁

  38. Squeedily Spooch

    Is this a reupload? I'm a longtime fan. I'm also glad you're starting to heal and hope you feel comfortable in your own skin…
    I have an eating disorder. I starve myself and throw up to be skinny, but I'm still just average weight and on the "fatter" end of it. 🙁

  39. 梳由奇亚玲

    Please take some time away from the internet Venus. I know you’re in a dark place right now but do not let that become permanent. Take some time away to sort out everything. Perhaps take a normal job that pays the bills but isn’t as stressful as being a YouTuber. You need to recuperate. You’re descending further and further. I hope you rebound and feel better soon…

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