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  1. Beede Bawng

    Shows up with an oily face.

    Swears face isn't oily.

  2. Nastassia Mcgee

    Cliques suck anyways. I definitely feel this and needed this. Idk why but around the holidays I feel more lonely and always start looking at myself like “why don’t I fit?” I lost all my good girlfriends (all 2 😂) due to falling out with one bc she was talking trash and even though she was wrong as two left shoes… the other one sided with her so I took myself out of the equation. Now I met 3 girls who literally accept me for who I am and I don’t have to try to fit with them. It’s a healthier friendship

  3. Candi Glamm

    🗣 Someone give Jackie a talk show!

  4. 3ThatGirlSteph2

    I never fit in. Probably never will. Oh well! Makes it hard to find friends, but once you do, you have good ones.

  5. 3ThatGirlSteph2

    Jackie you kill me with the random songs! Lol "17 arreahh"

  6. Try again Hater

    Been watching your videos for so long don't know why i haven't subscribed yet

    Black girl here loves you

  7. Simone Thatch

    I’ve always been a loner and it sucked as a kid but as an adult Peaceful 🥰🥰

  8. Jared Maples

    Jackies up early! Love you!
    Your palette is my only ABH purchase ever❤

  9. Callmecurlfriend

    Your skin😍

  10. A.B.

    17:56 😂😂this is why I tune in every video 😂

  11. Music Lyrics

    Are you an Aries ?

  12. kandiluvzu

    makeup SPADE-A needs to stop tryna fit in with the outskirts. like someone help me with her logic!!!

  13. Thalia Sanchez Dominguez

    You may not fit in but you are definetly the most powerful and charismatic woman in the industry PERIODDDDD 🔥❤️

  14. Valencialovescuteresins

    Jackie Aina looks absolutely stunning!! 💜👸🏽

  15. Milli Dobrich

    Omg this editing has me dead 😂😂😂

  16. Tee Yah

    Jackie I love you 💕

    From Philippines 🇵🇭

  17. Alexandra Saadi

    No dishes sis… just you💜

  18. Kevin Burrell

    I wonder why

  19. aderonke oke

    I had to pause this to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t have the best year but it showed me strength I didn’t know I had. It also made me realise that I am enough on my own and I stopped bending to fit to other people’s ideals. I second the idea of you starting a podcast as you are genuine which is such a rare trait. Bless you Jackie you truly are doing God’s work. Much love from a fellow Naija baddie xxx

  20. Mariëlle H

    Thank you so much for this video! I struggle a lot because of ADHD and Autism. I always like to be real with people and tell them the truth about their behaviour, and that sometimes makes them see me like a bitch that won't listen to their opinions. And that's not true at all. I want people to be real with me too, to be a better person and grow.

    Lots of love!

  21. Deanna C

    Lmaoo I loved this video. Thank you for forever keeping it real ❤️. Literally that’s all I could ever ask for. Side note: I kept waiting for her to say “what’s the sitch “ 😂

  22. Life With KoKo

    Love you and your enegry! Keep being you and we'll be behind you!!!

  23. Aerinidous

    I had seen the video of you being rude to your waitress (a LONG time ago) and it made me unsubscribe, but I love that you are using your platform not only for beauty but also to bring a lot of awareness. You’re also very funny and seem unproblematic (I thought that of you before, which is why you being rude in person baffled me) but I subscribed again!

  24. Natalies Outlet

    I live for these loooong chatty videos 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  25. Smellybeth Norris

    Apreciate this and apreciate you for putting a video like this up! 💗

  26. Ava A.

    she really said 1738 and didn't drop some fetty wap, ahhhhhh don't i hate me some copyright restrictions.

  27. Ava A.

    "when i see flawless i think of free of flaws." gurl what you think flawless means? lol but you right that concealer more like "imma gloss up dem under eyes"

  28. Sarah B

    You should also add concealer around the mouth to conceal darkness

  29. Faces By Milan

    Needed to hear this I know now I don’t need to change continue to be myself

  30. Alonso Mendiola

    I love when she uses memes in her videos😂

  31. Classic Beauty

    I love your videos.. This one hit home. I was just feeling this way about not fitting in at work. I appreciate you and this video!!
    Also, you look beautiful as always 💕💕💕

  32. Myriam Snickers

    I really love the editing

  33. Sara Salinas

    How you are speaking about how to support the ppl that did show your pallette instead of who didn't is exactly the type of mentality the beauty community needs. We need more ppl like you to change the energy of the industry. We need more ppl with your mentality in America peridot!!

  34. Roshni Tamta

    I loved this video. I wanted this for myself

  35. Mahali Selepe

    I’m so here for your video editing skills!!! 😂😂😂😂😂👌🏾. Looooove your humour! 😍

  36. Carnell

    17:50 i died! Lol

  37. No Evolution


  38. rozgallagher

    I love watching your videos because you’re not like ‘those others’. I like your honesty and value it above all else. What really makes me angry and sad is beauty influencers who have their own brand….there they are slating Benefit or L’Oréal but Benefit can’t go on YouTube and slate them. There is a very clear conflict of interests there and therefore their reviews cannot be trusted. 😕

  39. Milena A

    love you Jackie! This is why I've been a subscriber for so long.. well not really a subscriber cause I only just got a YouTube account recently lol.. but I've been watching you for a very long.. sending you lots of love xxx

  40. Latoya Bembry

    "Sometimes I'm loyal to a fault, but I'll still call a spade a spade." SPEAKING TO ME!!!

  41. Debbie Nyarko

    Sister, let me tell you, it’s in EVERY industry! Just be you! Periodt! That’s all you can really be. I’ve had the same experience; a pushover when I was younger, now confident(probably a little much). In the same boat; trying to find a balance. You’re doing wonderfully beau! 💕You’re an inspiration to so many of us! Stay true to you! Thank you for being yourself in a world full of fakes🙏

  42. Bella Nassisi

    Ur one of my favs wym

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