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  1. Gabriea Leon


  2. mac mor

    2077 still working on cure…

  3. Francis Furtak

    Beautiful, keep it going!

  4. purcedure

    @All – As the immune system already fights cancer, making a vaccine to boost/immunotherapy effectiveness can also spiral out of control and boost cancer, where the immune system can be tricked into then attacking healthy cells. Cancer is a normal phenomenon, I personal think the cure will be nanomachines.

  5. Elena Kalle

    Some strong critics of this approach: A New Cancer Hypothesis Update 2017 by Prof. Gershom Zajicek

  6. Hank Picard

    The only problem with these drugs are the side effects down the road because altering your immune system has side effects specially heart problems. But I pray to God one day we have a cure.

  7. Riqrob

    Thank you and the others like you.

  8. EKRX rseven

    What the heck is holding you back? WHY WE DON'T HAVE A CURE YET? WHY?

  9. Andrei Luar

    This treatment is like vaccine/cure to me

  10. Dominic Spagnuolo

    This video is from 2015… do we have any update or progress?

  11. Aldoogie

    Everyone should be getting this treatment like it was a vaccine.

  12. Mika Peltokorpi

    Hopefully the key is correct, because if not, also groving cells will be exterminated.

  13. Jack Chen

    Forgive me but isn't this also called CAR-T Cell therapy?

  14. dev02ify

    The thumbnail of this video is literal cancer

  15. avi tiwari

    Hi Team,

    Please let me know if this type of treatment is also applicable for other kinds of cancer in adults like Gall Bladder Cancer etc.

    Please provide how we can contact Dr Micheal Jensen


  16. John Smith

    The government is likely gonna come to his house and put a bag over his head. Of course there are cancer cures, they are just suppressed busy the pharmaceutical industry

  17. DA86329

    WOW !!!!

  18. Katie Kat

    Why can’t they get this rushed through for everybody. There are millions of people who are going to die so they have nothing to lose by trying this and yet it’s just a small FDA trial on just a handful of cancers? This makes no sense why the national institute of health has put thousand of people to work on this. Why FDA should hold things up? This is absolutely insane that it isn’t being widespread treating people. And why only children?

  19. johnny 71c

    Lets hope this is the end to cancer

  20. Orlando

    If cancer is really the fungus candida as Dr Simoncini said, then the cure is quite simple. All the treatments that the pharmaceutical industry sells are just expensive death sentences. None of them work.

  21. Eva Abe

    2 1/2 yrs since this video & has anything changed for the better?

  22. Kevin Moore

    I'm a brain cancer patient, and I brought this up to my neurosurgeon the last time that I saw him, and he said that he'll talk with my radiologist, and my Chemotherapist about this treatment. Car-T is the term that I'm aware of for this treatment. I already had surgery for my initial cancer, then radiation for a recurrence. I'm taking this on for the 3rd time now. I have my fingers crossed that I end up okay this time too. The physical symptoms aren't fun, but the emotional roller coaster that cancer includes is no fun either.

  23. MsTuttiful

    Amazing!!! This should be every cancer patient's story.

  24. Nicholas Heimann

    I approve!

  25. Gary Anderson

    Anaplastic large cell lymphoma dead with those t cells ,i need that they like spartans

  26. Hangfire-13

    The cancer treatment industry has not changed in over 70 years… chemo and radiation reprehensible.

  27. becksta29

    so what is this immunotherapy called that is 91% cure rate?

  28. Winston Chang

    One day, even with a "cure" for cancer, people would die anyway…..killed by something else.
    BUT, a cancer cure is still so desirable, if you have ever seen, what cancer does to a person's mind-soul,
    and those around him/her. Inevitably, doing away with the physicality of dying from cancer and other "physical illness"
    is important, so that we can develop a higher "mind-soul". Someday, they can just , "Unplug" me and that's OK….

  29. TheImmutableTruth

    Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. We celebrate the wrong people in today's celebrity obsessed culture.

  30. Poohbear John

    Funny. The words Cancer and Liberal (or Democrat) are interchangeable.

  31. debbiek1able

    they say apricot seeds do just this B17 sell online

  32. Roger didit

    I was working to tie a mapping program into a database. I developed a program to do it automatically. The people in charge asked me why I would do that? Why make something that puts them out of work? I left.

  33. Russel Miller

    Immunotherapy is increasingly potential for bringing a cure. But the fact that can't be ignored is that it's not suitable for every patient. It depends. Then the side effects is quite a serious issue. Hope the related researches can make more progress in short future.

  34. Chris Wakeford

    Dr M and his team are amazing…..the greatest threat is the treason called the FDA and a growing army of treason lawyers of the blood sucking eyes called we are BIG Pharma Take…..these dark men are more aggressive than the cancer parasites…Its Time

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