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  1. Rangarirai Makuku

    His z great.

  2. Marc McGowan

    It was a real pleasure being at MD Anderson a few years back listening to his lecture.

  3. Gautam Gupta

    god bless you Alison you are going to do something never happened for humanity

  4. Annette Yen

    Nobel prize for cancer therapy for the first time! Congratulations!!

  5. M Ahmad

    Congratulations Dr Allison.

  6. Shubham prabhat

    Finally a nobel prize done right

  7. Aadil Hussain

    (And day before yesterday i.e Monday,1st October) Dr Allison jointly with Dr Honjo, has been awarded the 2018 Nobel prize in physiology for their discovery of cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation.❤

  8. Shin Man Cheung

    Allison has just won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2018 with Tasuku Honjo.

  9. C Joe

    Allison, the father of Ipilimumab

  10. LeCockSportif

    What about stemcells in periodblood and urine therapy?

  11. xuedan he

    Oh my god, this is Allison, the father of Ipilimumab

  12. Leili Hadad

    I want to know expression kinetic PD-1 and Tim-3, may you help me?

  13. Lee Akiyama

    a man deserves respect of entire humanity

  14. Nayan V Rathod

    My father suffering non hodgkins lymphoma pls advice

  15. Donald Williams

    Whether though CD4+/CD8+ or macrophage cells taking the "breaks" off via aCTLA-4/aPDL-1 or even via aVISTA it truly looks like you can "raise the tails" to a much more parallel trajectory with the X-axis which is truly an exquisite paradigm shift for those affected by oncologic pathology. Bravo to you and your team!

  16. bharat path

    Thank you, there is light at the end of the tunnel, the 10 year survival slide is impressive !

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