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  1. Debora Smith

    My back has been much better because I utilized this back pain guide, "Kemzαnο Loni" (Google it). This was the only guidebook which worked well of all of the other guidelines I`ve tried. I didn`t anticipate my back would be much better. This may be just the ultimate answer to my problem! .

  2. Žilvinas Stakvilevič

    hmm 😑

  3. macknumber9

    Robot voice = dislike


    is there any full cure for herniated disc.


  5. bangmeister2012

    I cant wait for nano technology. The body is so frail

  6. E Schneider

    Thank you

  7. Bionicle Boy

    I have back pain at work at a pastry.And I want it to stop.And I'm tall.

  8. KuroWolf

    I’m flexible so I won’t be in back pain.

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