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  1. Email God

    Love it

  2. U Meh

    Where’s Tom Holland

  3. Lasandra C.

    I came for Chris H. only, but 21 mins in and I already love this movie.

  4. Kit Kat Kitty

    Is it just me or when Tom says “mr chase” and “mr stark” he says it the same way

  5. Kit Kat Kitty

    Honestly I came for tom

  6. Multifandom Videos

    fun fact: there are whales alive today that have been born before Moby dick was written (1851)

  7. Douglas Albrecht

    how about a movie in a store and a second hand shop before I ever give you a fucking dime of my money to watch something on YouTube especially the old movies that I had on tape fuck you

  8. Douglas Albrecht

    Greedy greedy greedy greedy YouTube and Google greedy greedy greedy fuck you

  9. Douglas Albrecht

    And also fuck YouTube and they're fucking greedy red wanting fucking money suck you YouTube and fuck you YouTube you're all a bunch of fucking greedy assholes

  10. Douglas Albrecht

    I don't have a fucking Google account I don't want to fucking Google account I don't trust Google fuck you you control freak asshole

  11. Bryce Pearson

    Oh yeah yeah

  12. Lucy Lee

    They forgave each other in that one eye to eye scene.

  13. WowedCanBeWowed

    To be quite honest, I only watched this because Tom Holland was in it

  14. Arnold Stollar

    Great film

  15. kate bain

    Its honesty a great movie

  16. Kibord plays

    Mr. Chase I don't feel so good

  17. Frankie Figz

    What a whale of a time!

  18. Jenny Lindquist

    dedicated to u all hhhh

  19. Josh Tucker

    Awesome movie! Spend the money!

  20. John Calderon

    I felt really scared because, what is there was a heart in the middle of the sea? Or anything else…

  21. Abi Sheldon

    Ron Howard a great director working first-rate talent– Watched it three times.

  22. peana butter

    Thor and spiderman

  23. Eliz B

    How do u watch it ? It only shows a preview

  24. Maritza Diaz


  25. kokichi ouma

    I can't stop thinking about Spider-Man when I saw tomHolland

  26. ricomajestic

    This movie was great!

  27. Col Ewen

    An absolutely moving story based on true events. Love this movie.

  28. fatima beauty

    great movies

  29. Tayler Smith

    I want Chris Hemsworth to be Edward kenway in a black flag movie

  30. Luis Lopez

    Está entretenida

  31. emjem hernandez

    Dang this whale is going crazy

  32. بنتك ياعدن


  33. SassyHershsey SassyHershey

    movie stars are so common in that in 1820 that they had to kill whales a leave their movie star skinny girls to make ends meet….you didn't know that what a shocker.

  34. Christina Steele

    So I got a receipt from PayPal but it still won't play


    Thor and spider man are in this film huh

  36. Alex Buczala

    I successfully rented it but its saying there was a liscensing error.

  37. Leo Guerrero


  38. IcyPancakes34 34

    I've watch this movie before and l loved it!!!

  39. Eth Sam

    Rotton tomatoes gave this 43%! Never truest them

  40. robin2012ism

    15 bucks, though? I'm not made of money. I'd like to watch more than one movie a month.

  41. Aziz Henein

    Nessim Henein

  42. Tyler Harkins

    Looks like assassins creed black flag

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