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  1. ecalzo

    stay strong MArk .. all my thought are for you.. stay strong …

  2. Monica Walker

    I can’t wait to move back to San Antonio!

  3. Pak Wheels

    Brother i love your videos and reviews. And also you had humvee.😃. May Allah bless you with Good health and soon you will be fit and ready again. In sha Allah. Ameen

  4. John Rosa

    Fuck cancer! Keep fighting Carrikers!

  5. Megan Newton

    Y'all stay strong. Sending prayers for Mark and the whole family!!!!!

  6. LottaTroublemaker

    🛶🛶🛶»I didn’t mean it as a snide remark»🛶🛶🛶 Right… 😆 Since your brother gets/has had treatment that is immunosuppressive, as e.g.chemo, he should be real careful with SUSHI❗️❗️❗️ NO SUSHI (&Definitely NO backpack stored sushi)❗️ No point in taking chances, bacteria that usually is no problem, may suddenly be KILLERS… No point in taking chances❣️❗️❣️❗️❣️😊

  7. FTB Gaming

    Cancer can be a crappy thing, I'll be praying for your brothers recovery.

  8. Jason Tate

    I "WAS" a cancer patient, hang in there buddy, things have way of working for us.

  9. bansheemania

    Tech has Came ALONG way with cancer meds since 1990(grandfather) . Peace Brother's

  10. Grey Dyason

    Hey Matt, love the video. My mom has cancer for the third time and I’ve driven her to and from Houston a few times in the last few years from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Love all your channels and wish your brother the best! F*ck Cancer

  11. Dead Channel

    My god. Its hitting fucking everybody.

  12. 7ven Suns

    I lost my grandmother to Cancer last Tuesday on the 17th so i understand struggle and i wish you guys the best

  13. Irish Rider 7

    Prayers your way 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  14. yeahsteeeve

    I cant believe how incredibly upbeat everyone is for what they're going through. I know I would have a hard time staying positive if it were me. I also wish I was close with my brothers you all seem really tight.

  15. Cynthia Urrea

    Good luck 🍀 😊

  16. Jerry Pin

    Matt thank you for sharing with us and prayers for Mark I did not know you had a brother God bless everyone

  17. Games & Entertainment Animator & Fiddler

    God Bless you all.

    Hope you all just enjoy the heck out of spending time together. That can do wonders.

  18. JaTon

    Prayers for healing for your brother.!

  19. Zachary Manning

    Damn. Life just isn't fair, especially cancer. I watched one of my fave actors Andy Whitfield go through cancer and nothing he did worked. The only thing that matters is staying positive. You got this big guy

  20. russtex

    Prayers for you, Mark!

  21. Mike Bultema

    Oma is grandma in Dutch also. 👍

  22. InHisHonor InfinityX3

    Hey loves, there is never dark days having blessings. and looks like ur blessings does much include so so so much love from your kin. love the aura that u just graciously shared with us with this heartfelt yet funny video. this is what life is about ppl. all about blessings thru any rough roads we walk thru. yes indeed, not 1 or any disease can take the blessings that has been already given to us. funny how we learn more about living once it's applied to your life huh. I know by saying this. that is because my child is also living thru this cancer. wish we all could make ur day n days with etc's, but I know u already have that covered 🤗 💞 🙏. n BTW guyzzz n family….most definitely…infinite hugs, infinite love n smiles, and infinite prayers to yunz…and also to those others that needs this, all n more infinite's spreads to you as well. #lovingJesusNyouzzz

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