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  1. WeightLossMotivation

    The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow 💪

  2. Sweetnsour

    I hit a plateau 4 weeks ago. This channel minimized my frustrations and has been keeping me motivated!💪🏼

  3. 菅原ななみ


  4. moon ,


  5. Sweet Dreams


  6. Urvashee Pravin

    Awesome 👌and very good morning

  7. Lol unknown

    I’ve been exercising for months and on a diet, yet nothing has changed. What do I do?😭

  8. Abla Rzk

    I have a lot of wheigt to loose but i have no courage and don't know where to start . I'm soooooooo depressed 😪😪😔😔

  9. Seyhan Donmez


  10. Luna H.

    love these videos. been exercising for a month 🙂 cant wait to say its been two

  11. marcela's Journey

    This chanel has motivated me sooooo much to keep pushing I just love it soooo much

  12. Yolanda Marka

    1they all inspire me to never GIVE UP

  13. My Mental Boot Camp

    Great video! Weight Loss Motivation is the best creator hands-down for motivational weight loss videos! Inspired by you all, I actually created my own channel called My Mental Boot Camp to share more motivational videos and how I lost 140 lbs – come check it out and follow. Thanks in advance.

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