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  1. Veni Veni

    155 CM weight 59 kva female pls

  2. Abitami Nandakumar

    Hi akka. First of all, thanks a lot for making this video. For the past few years, I have been gaining weight. Amma neraya sonnanga to lose it, but I was too lazy. Two or three days exercise and diet follow pannuven athuku appuram vitruven. Ippo I put on so much weight and so close to 100kgs. Periods kooda irregular ah thaan varuthu. It's like an eye opener for me realizing that I'm leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. Relatives, friends, even my brother insulted me for the way I look. I see myself in the mirror and hated what I saw. I cried so much but then realized crying won't do anything. I want a change in my life. I want to see myself being healthy. I want to prove everyone who had hurt me in the past. That's why I have been looking all over YouTube to start my weight loss journey. Glad I stumbled upon yours. Intha video long thaan but the information is very clear. While watching, I took almost 4 pages of notes. I'm going to follow from this week. I want to be around 60kgs within one year… and will definitely work hard for that. Wish me luck, akka. Thanks, once again. 🙂

  3. Malar Vincent

    This diet plan look very much true and should work well for most of us in weight loss journey.

  4. Aarthy Raghav

    Very clear. Not draggy. Superb.

  5. subha murugan

    Superb akka

  6. Subhashini Harinarayanan

    I tried this recipe of dhal , came out very well.tq

  7. Subhashini Harinarayanan

    Excellent ma. How about brown rice or Kerala matta Ari?

  8. Fathima Rocking

    Hii sister.. i saw ur all videos.. before ogede hand thigh ellam big ah irunchu.. now its become small how is that.?? Neege excercise edhachum pannurigela..

  9. Amutha Amutha

    Very nice ga useful tips I'm new subscriber

  10. divi sid

    Chappathi ku alternate thinai rice edukalama

  11. divi sid

    My kids going to school so i should prepare variety of dishes to them. So i tempted to saw that.

  12. Jagulin Christy

    Thank you mam

  13. divi sid

    Sis past one week i waited to ur vedio

  14. Edwin Rathika

    Nanum after delivery 75 kg irunthen.. Nethu check panapa 65 kg… 2 month diet la irunthu 9 kg kurashu iruken

  15. premanand t

    Sister calories mattum epadi pakurathu.. athavathu.. ipo one kilo mtr.. by cycle othuna.. evlo kuraium.. ipp

  16. Pingpong

    Super sister… semma… thanks for these tips will be very useful… whats ur height?

  17. madhu R

    I liked your video very much… I'm a feeding mother.. Very clear advice you gave me.. But I follow after a year…

  18. Suganya EzhilSankar

    Nicely explained. Can we eat boiled sweet potato alone for breakfast?

  19. As Azad

    Super sister. Nanum ungala mathiri thaan naney diet self follow panren. Weight loss aguthu. thanks for your modification in weight loss diet.😊

  20. tharun kumar

    Definitely I will try sister daily different types and healthy diet chart sollunga sister pl thank u once again

  21. sasiee jesiee

    Hi sis.. na gym la daily 1(1/2) hr workout panra… diet um follow panren… i lost 5 kg in 40 days… but adhuku apro weightloss agave matingudhu sis…. what to do..

  22. sreedevi sujith

    Thank you so much

  23. Fahim Mohamed

    Thank you ma

  24. Kamila M

    Mashaallah 👍
    Thank u sister…

  25. vj0509

    Wonderful thanks.. any veg alternative for omelette?

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