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  1. Swapankumar Chakraborty


  2. Shilpa Arora

    Luved it

  3. mohit banke

    best video on YouTube 😍🙁

  4. Alije Alije

    Itna kuch batane k lye mam ur so pretty. Thnks

  5. Jui Guram

    Hi Rujuta ma'am,
    I have a question for you.I totally understand your point of eating local and what our grandmother's have been eating. But what about Indian people who are living abroad? What type of foods they should eat as the weather is completely different here and the local food in US and my ancestors food is completely different.

  6. Hey Foodies

    Very informative video ,,,ese jarur dekhe




    awsum knowledge love my culture

  9. kavita patel

    Dhanyawad Hindi me video bnane ke liye 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🏼🙏🙏

  10. Seerat Bansal

    Mam having museli in morning is good

  11. Swati v mani

    Karishma moti kb thi???? 25 kilo km kb ki?

  12. Srishti Sen

    Osum information mam…I m also follow ayurveb+diet

  13. Anjali Choudhary

    Very very nice

  14. Mithu Saha

    mam mere pet me mucus hai tokya mai ghee kha sakti hu

  15. Shayari Dhamija

    Hi Mam you are too nice.Mam mera lower part heavy hai or mera vitamin D3,25hai or acidity bahut banti hai .knee pain bhe rehta hai.Mam I am Tharepist so I treat myself but not perfect.Mam plz tell me diet plan plz Mam.diet plan bahut kia par koi farak nahi par raha plz mam guide me

  16. Vaishali Rastogi

    Thankyou Rujuta ji for this informative video. My family watched it together and we loved the way you bursted all the myths about food. You helped us respect our local food and culture. We have started following it without any second thoughts and with pride. Thankyou so much for this. God bless you. You are a gem of our country. Keep it up!

  17. naina dewani

    Aapka super food ka vdeo dhekha. Apne rat ko rice khana and morning me banana khana. Kiya ye sab dibeties me chalega.

  18. priyanka pandey

    Well explained with the help of Indian culture

  19. priyanka pandey

    So very good

  20. The Vagbhi

    I have shared this video however possible.
    It's too good 👏👏
    lots of myths about food in people so, I think after watching this they will give respect our indian food. 🙏 Thank You

  21. Amit Budhraja

    Rujuta we miss more your full length videos…. wish you did a Tele-series or Netflix series

  22. Sony Smani

    Nice video…

  23. Harsha Vaidya

    hi rujuta,
    I am a very big fan of your talk about our traditional food preparation. And not only that, your voice is also very sweet. the way u sang mantras in this video. thanks for all that you are doing for our future generations.

  24. Rucha Vaidya

    Please share evening sneak

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