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  1. Yasmeen Begum

    Mam I am 19 years old can I do this

  2. Aayushi Kapoor

    By which substance i can replace green tea. I don't drink tea. so please..

  3. Pushkin Sen

    I had 75 k.g weight bt by following your ketogenic diet plan I lost 7 k.g in 1 month …in this month I am also following ketogenic diet plan phase wise bt my weight is not changing…according to my height I have to lose more 12-13 k.g…I work out bt irregularly…what will I do? plz suggest

  4. rinku kondale

    Hello ma'am
    Ye diet me 1 month ke liye Continue kar sakati hu kya

  5. Parth Singh

    Nice mam

  6. gargee dutta

    Skip to 2.21 mins. Thank me later.

  7. usha kachole

    Can we drink tea during this deit? ☕

  8. Muhammad Osaid

    Hi mam can u plz help me m doing liquid diet 2dy is my 5th dy bt i only lose 1-1/2 kg

  9. rid yaas

    can i have smoothie with chia seed

  10. Nazeema Parveen

    Hello maam

    Can we follow this diet plan continously for a month??

  11. M D

    This isn’t an Indian diet. It’s just a diet. But it works though

  12. Mokonachan92

    I learned about this particular diet program “fetching tuti space” from a good friend who drop a lot of fat through it and chose to research it on Google. After a week of following it, I was able to shed 6 pounds. A week ago, I`ve got a total of 3 workout routines and a single running exercise..

  13. nidhishri hegde

    Hello mam..
    Im on liquid diet from 19days..i dont knw if i should stop or continue..
    I dint check my weight before starting but after 19days its 64kgs..
    I need to lose weight n become 50kgs bfr march..Please help me what can i do.

  14. Pratibha Kusalkar

    Hi mam
    Iss diet plan me hume pani kitana pina chahiye???

  15. Jazzy Jones

    I could barely understand her

  16. xlr8 Gaming

    Can u please tell me… whether I can do continuously 3 days liquid diet ..or in a week for any three days..or in a month for 3 days?

  17. juzaina Kareem

    Any substitute for breakfast drink?

  18. anuroop rathod

    Moongdal soup kaise bana sakthe hi ??

  19. Varsha Roy

    This diet will help me lose how many kgs in 3 days ?

  20. A

    I loose weight in kgs but I don't look skin what to do, where am I going wrong.
    I do walking

  21. Hafsa Intezar

    Meri mamma ka 2 hafte pehle 259 sugar aaya tha Meri mamma ne without medicine 98 Kia tha diet se Meri mamma ki age 48 hai or on ko harmonal problem hai wo pills le Rahi Hain kch acha bataein Jis se on ka Harmon sahi hogayen or sugar bhi sahi hogaye please zaroor bataye ga or koi multivitamins bataein love from Pakistan ❤💕

  22. nisha patel

    Thanks mam 🙏🙏🙏💐💐💐

  23. nisha patel

    Hii Mam muje milk tea le shakti hu please batayiye muje thanks 🙏

  24. sheetal mhadalkar

    Hi..is this diet plan applicable for diabetic patients too. Is it ok to drink fruit juices and yougurt smoothies for diabetic patients..pls reply.

  25. Arachana Padwal

    Have tried dis n trust me itz amazing…. Guys it works.. Must try

  26. Huda Kashan

    Can nursing mothers do this diet??

  27. Varsha Roy

    I didn't get your suggestions at 4:03 . Does it mean I can take orange juice as the drink throughout the day ?

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