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  1. washima banu

    Sir,how to treat pain in shoulder blade,along medial border of scapula

  2. Borja Makazaga

    I can see Bob Doane there sitting on the floor

  3. James Hill

    Just a minor thing but when he says St 42, he places a needle into what looks like St 43

  4. Dr S Ranjan

    Foot Yang Ming St41, St42, St39.5, St39, St36 image of shoulder Li (hand yang ming) Meridian area. Dr Tan's Meridian Balancing cures quickly.

  5. Hexcelsus

    Is there anyway to learn his method. Which book does he mean… when he says "it's in the book"

  6. Manman Lun

  7. L M

    Where is this dr I need you to relief my left shoulder

  8. Lisa Forsythe


    a l

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